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Commented on January 10, 2013
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Recently started sifting through all the articles on Carb Back-loading and taking notes. I started CBL this monday, and I can tell it will work. I get through my Body By Science workouts (Mon/Wed/Fri) with much more energy, and can keep my rest times down to 30secs or less. I've got some bloat around the abs, but I'm much more vascular and already seem to be putting on size in the first few days (maybe just water weight). The thing is, I never did the Intro phase, as I started CBL to gain mass, and was already too light. But I feel my body may not be extremely efficient at burning fat, although I do not know. I've been in ketosis before, for about 8 weeks, and have been low-carb after that, toying around with IF. But I feel as though after Christmas (quite a few days of carb intakes probably around 150 or so) and just starting out back-loading my carbs, I've had enough time to be in a glycolytic metabolism. I just want my Back-loads to be 1) the absolute most efficient 2) healthy as possible. Therefore I have a few questions:

1) Should I just "restart" and do the intro phase, dipping into ketosis for the 10 days? Or is that unnecessary? Am I still fat adapted?

2) If so, is there anyway I can maintain my weight/muscle easily? I remember reading some things in Lyle McDonald's Ketogenic Diet book; would have to keep my protein at 150g to spare nitrogen until fully fat adapted and what not; But I mean, since I'd be in fat burning mode, could I just take in an extra 200-300cals from fat and maintain?

3) What are the best paleo insulin-spiking foods; all i've been eating for CBL right now is sweet potatoes, regular with stevia mixed in, or some cinnamon and coconut oil

4) How many carbs are you guys familiar with CBL taking in? I hear we only store roughly 70g in liver glycogen and about 220 in muscle glycogen... If so, what would be the point in ever taking in more than 300 max? I've heard of people taking in about 500 and waking up more muscular/vascular the next day, why wouldn't that all be going into the creation of fat cells?

5) What would MCT's role be in the post workout? I mean, since they're used more readily as energy, wouldn't they be used for that only, while carbs go to glycogen stores, and MCT's would more readily increase the insulin response as well?

Please help with this as I've really not been able to get the help I thought I would on the dangerouslyhardcore site. Thanks for any input you have in advance.



on January 10, 2013
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You should use the carb backloading forums at dangerouslyhardcore.com

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