Does eating more fat or protein help when trying to lean out?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 24, 2011 at 9:04 PM

I am a 26 ye old female, 5'11 tall - i have been eating primally since last september with a long break around christmas (only getting back strictly into it for the last month or so). I don't weigh myself (because i believe the number does not define me) but i estimate I have between 15 and 20lbs of fat left to lose - for the first time in my life i feel strong and i can feel muscles i never knew i had - but there are 2 -3 inches to pinch that i would love to lose a lot of and finally for the first time in my life see my muscles and reach my potential.

I have read other hacks suggesting dropping the dairy and nuts etc but i am wondering if it is better to eat higher protein/lower fat or lower protein/higher fat to burn the fat quicker?

I work out lifting weights twice a week and walk for a few miles every day - do you think HIIT would help? Do you think IF would help - if so how much should you do this a week?



on March 25, 2011
at 02:19 AM

Omega three fat.......protein is choice two and BCAA are the best protein choice

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on March 24, 2011
at 09:35 PM

I really should let Stephen-Aegis answer this one. Check his answer to this question:


A lot of good advice, but IF "rips the fat off". You could do it almost daily, by skipping breakfast and eating lunch/dinner within an 8 hour window. Or just do it spontaneously, randomly and therefore "intermittently".

Perhaps a last trick is the PSMF or protein sparing modified fast. I don't necessarily advocate it, but it can be effective. The Eades have a book "Six Week Cure" for which the first two weeks is a PSMF. I tried it, lost some weight, but felt "wiggy" on the protein shakes. Its basically mostly protein, some fat, VLC AND calorie restricted.

Try the IF, that may be all you need!

Mark Sisson recommends sprints once per week (a kind of HIIT). You might try it if you feel up to it. I probably sprint once a month - hahaha!



on March 24, 2011
at 09:49 PM

More fat and less protein. Protein causes an insulin rise...but not as much as carbs. So reduce protein and replace with fat plus intermittent fast twice a week.

I typically skip breakfast, dinner and eat the next day breakfast. That after eating a large steak the night before starting the fast.

The milk products have the protein casein which also spikes the insulin. See Dr Davis: http://www.heartscanblog.org/2011/03/insulin-secretagogue.html

He is not a fan of dairy products as he fears that in some people their pancreas are already overworked with ingesting carbs for so many years...adding milk products is just another strain on the pancreas that humans really don't need.

Tabata wind sprints twice a week. Only takes 5 minutes for each session. But at the end of 5 min...totally spent.



on March 25, 2011
at 01:25 AM

I think you should first ensure you are getting your protein requirements. Beyond that, you can play with fat levels and see how you feel and how successful you are. I don't think there is consensus. Very low fat levels, like the PSMF mentioned by Dave S. are probably okay for short periods, though I'm deeply suspicious of purposeful calorie restriction. In many cases, I think it probably does more harm than good. That said, if it is short-term, or if you are working within comfortable limits, (i.e. not getting hungry) it might be just the ticket. On the other hand, increased fat also seems to help some people.



on March 25, 2011
at 01:14 AM

Yes, FAT does not make you fat. And it replaces carbs in the diet which does. Protein will in excess but neither like carbs. As I always like to say. Fear the Bread, not the butter. HIGHER FAT then Protein (unless strength training- and I mean real heavy strengrth training, then get as much protein as you can get- dairy source too but good dairy- raw, high fat yougurts, cheeses- NOT supermarket milk or processed chesse/sugar yogurts.

And exercise will NOT replace a bad diet, so food first.



on March 25, 2011
at 05:30 AM

Try and see which combination works better for you.

In my own experience, higher protein/lower fat is better for leaning out. When I increase my fat intake, I need to cut out almost all carbs: this is ok at the beginning, but it makes me feel very uncomfortable in the long run.

I tend not to add too much extra fat (in the form of oils and butter) to my proteins, because meat, fish and eggs already contain reasonable quantities of fat for my needs. I use just enough to cook them. I do use oil/butter on veggies. And I always have a small source of starch at every meal (yam, sweet potato, carrot or pumpkin). This is the best combination for me for leaning out and feeling good.


on March 25, 2011
at 01:20 AM

You can increase your fat a little. I've followed 40,30,30 protein/carbs/fat. Maintaining a balance and staying consistant is the key. It takes time!

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