Does dietary cholesterol raise serum levels?

Commented on March 09, 2015
Created March 09, 2015 at 1:30 PM

Conventional wisdom says yes, but time to time i've head otherwise in paleo circles but seen no evidence either way

I went HFLC paleo but my cholesterol went out of control, in an attempt to get things back in order im cutting out pretty much all added fat and going with moderate carbs/protein, what im wondering is can i still enjoy high cholesterol seafood/eggs/pork belly or am i resigned to chicken breast & beans with my veg?

Thanks :)

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on March 09, 2015
at 02:33 PM

It has a tiny effect, not much.?? Your liver regulates the cholesterol levels in your blood very tightly based on need (immune system, repairs, etc.) The leftovers are converted into bile.?? As long as you're not consuming large amounts of carbs, which will shift production to small dense LDL, and have adrequate levels of antioxidants, not much to worry about.


Hore are your homocysteine levels??? If they're high, look into folate, B12, B6 supplementation.

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on March 09, 2015
at 07:30 PM

I'm not sure about homocysteine, my doctor isn't very helpful, i've got evidence of dyslipidemia and he won't even send me for a full NMR

I notice sticking to seafood, more starch & legumes i'm getting much more B12, B6 & Folate from my diet, so hopefully that will help along with reducing fat

As for antioxidants i supplement about 7g sodium ascorbate daily and the fat i do eat is from avocados and a splash of olive oil, so some Vitamin E there

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