CW and MUFAS dissonance

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 20, 2013 at 1:12 AM

How come Conventional Wisdom is always preaching to us that our diets should be low in fat, but then tells us to increase the amount of MUFAS in our diet. Isn't this kinda contradicting itself? The other day I saw on a bag of pistachios how pistachios are heart-healthy, and then in the small print it said "diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol are linked to reduced risk of heart disease." and aren't pistachios high in fat? Yet CW teaches us to avoid fat? Isn't this kinda contradictory? Or is contradictory-ness a part of CW?

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on May 28, 2013
at 06:17 AM

Conventional wisdom is that:

Problem 1) Fat makes you fat because your body judges food intake solely based on volume, and so energy-dense fat makes you likely to consume more calories.

Problem 2) Completely separately from that, saturated fat clogs your arteries and leads to heart disease.

As a result:

Solution 1) You should limit the amount of fat you eat and replace it with carbohydrates and fiber*

Solution 2) The fats you eat should be the healthy ones in olives and nuts, rather than the ones in animals.

Laypeople may get confused about this and go on an indiscriminate "fat = unconditionally bad" kick, and of course advertisers will say any inane thing that they think will move units. But the advice itself isn't contradictory. We may think it's wrong, but it's not contradictory.


on April 20, 2013
at 03:21 AM

CW recommends a diet in low in saturated fat, not fat. They recommend a moderate amount of fat "up to 30% of calories"



on April 20, 2013
at 02:56 AM

I absolutely do think CW fears fat, but if you ingest fat they especially fear sat fat and recommend PUFA instead. Meanwhile food processors take the "PUFAS are better than sat fat" and twist it into PUFAS are "heart healthy".



on April 20, 2013
at 02:03 AM

I don't think CW fears fat in general. They just fear saturated fat, and hence why they support the consumption of grain oils.

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