Cream (dairy) cravings

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 01, 2012 at 12:50 AM

I have, for years, an insatiable craving for heavy sweet cream. Before menopause, I would indulge in it a day before my period. I'd drink 8 or 16 ozs. of it as soon as I'd buy it. I'd drink it while still in the car. I couldn't possibly wait till I got home. I also couldn't wait to fall asleep, which I did very deeply - then, the next day I would get my period. I think I needed the fat for hormone production (just a guess). I am post-menopausal now, but upon occasion, I am struck by the strong, strong craving for cream. Yesterday (after many months of abstinence), I gave in to my craving and downed 16 ozs. of heavy whipping cream. DELICIOUS! Today I feel great!!! If I had to eat one food the rest of my life, it would be CREAM! I also need to lose 50 lbs. and I hit the wall very often. It seems to physiological to me and not just weak willpower. To a lesser degree, I often crave very rich cheeses and milk products in general.

Anyone else have a craving like this?



on June 13, 2012
at 06:30 PM

I'm struggling with this exact problem this week. I absolutely have to have dairy during the first few days of my menstrual cycle or I will be completely unbearable to live with. I've always felt really awful about it because it feels like a "weak will" issue, but it only occurs during that particular time of the month. I have no idea if there's anything that could actually physiologically account for it, or if maybe everyone has their trigger foods.

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on May 01, 2012
at 01:11 AM

If you only drink 16oz of heavy cream once a month I don't think you're going to suffer much ill effect. Just don't make a habit of it.

You say you're trying to lose weight, it might actually be you're deprived of something and your body knows cream is a good way to get it. Are you restricting your fat intake? That's 1) a bad way to lose weight 2) going to lead to whacky stuff like this.

That said, you might be addicted to the exogenous morphine like compounds in the dairy. But if it's once a month, and right at your period, I would doubt that's the case.

If you otherwise tolerate the dairy well, try and find yourself a source of grass fed cream and on that one special day, drink up.

My wife has a little heavy cream cheat once and a while too, especially around that time.


on June 13, 2012
at 06:37 PM

JUST LAST NIGHT I was trying to not feel guilty about downing a container of heavy cream, and VIOLA! This morning I got my period.

I had amenorrhea for about five years and when I added dairy fat into my diet (amongst other factors), it came back. I crave it when I'm PMSy, but I've found that cheese makes me feel lousy. I stick with cream and butter. Also, it makes my cravings go away unlike anything else I've found. That being said, I'm 15 lbs heavier than when I wasn't menstruating and I'd love to slim down a little-- but every time I cut out cream, I eat all day long and feel sluggish. And binge on nuts! So I guess I'd rather eat cream, feel great, and be a little heavier than before.

So happy to hear I'm not alone in this! Cheers! (glug, glug, glug)



on June 13, 2012
at 06:32 PM

I know just what you mean- After leaving my vegan diet behind I would frantically rush to the store and buy whole raw milk, and then guzzle it down on the way home- the entire bottle! And my favorite part of it was the cream at the top. And if there was organic cream around I couldn't stop myself!!!! I started having perceived issues with dairy, so had to eliminate it, but after cutting out grains find I can now tolerate it with no problems, so I think grains were the actual problem.

As far as the cravings- here are few ideas: Have you been checked for allergies to dairy? When you are allergic to something it creates very powerful cravings- so this may be why- also, dairy products have an opiate like effect on our brains- creating feelings of pleasure- the high fat/caloric content also leads to extreme feelings of satiety, which can be difficult to get otherwise. A side note: Often cream is better tolerated than milk since it has less of the compounds people usually react to and you should try to get raw cream (if possible) and definitely organic since pesticides/hormones are stored in the fat and cream is all fat.

Also what is interesting is that around my period I get cravings for full-fat bland vanilla ice cream and I would love if it was plain, I don't care about the sugar. I just want something that is thick and fattening and nourishing? maybe (sometimes I think my desire for cream is really a desire for nourishment) I usually let myself go for it pre-period and during my period and find my body can tolerate just about anything fairly well (aside from sugar) during this time. I would listen to your body- it knows what it needs- If you don't feel you are having any reverse reactions to the cream (and it sounds like you are feeling great after drinking it) then I really don't see any problem. I would just try to balance out calories over the next week if you are concerned about weight.


on June 13, 2012
at 06:11 PM

I totally do. Cream satisfies me like nothing else!! I'm trying to figure out if I can drink a pint a day and get leaner overall...I think it may mean 70% fat, 20% protein and 10% carbs and watch the calorie intake. I'm going to try this:

2 servings protein a day 1 sweet potato lots of veges, but not high carb ones 3 T coconut oil (for the energy/medium chain triglycerides) 8 oz cream (if I can only do 8oz, we'll see!)

I have no idea yet if I will be starving all the time, I'm pretty active with exercise and my job, but I find if I calorie restrict and get hungry it triggers major cravings and a food binge.

Am curious what else you eat??



on May 01, 2012
at 04:23 AM

Marcia, ice cream is my middle name... or it used to be. Yes, you are right - it is not psychological, it is totally biological/physiological.

For over a week now my cravings had stopped. I no longer crave anything, I even know why but.... I will make a separate post about it later. Sorry to leave you hanging but... I will update later :)

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