Can a low fat diet be beneficial for seborreheic dermatitis?

Asked on March 30, 2013
Created March 30, 2013 at 11:35 PM

I have asked a bunch of questions before regarding this annoying skin condition and I have got a lot of good suggestions. I just had a thyroid test, electrolyte test, and a cholesterol profile, and I am anxiously waiting to see if my thyroid is the cause of all this.

I began researching demodex mites as a possible cause and it appears that the mites like to feed on oils, specifically oleic acid. This could explain why my skin has always looked its worst when I apply natural oils on it or when I consume a diet high in monounsaturated fat (avocado, beef, almonds, macadamias, olive oil), but it looks great when I eat mainly coconut oil, or walnuts (thanks Travis Culp). Would a diet with very little fat only, that from walnuts and a little bit of coconut oil (can't handle this stuff anymore), and a lot of starch potentially slow down the production of oils on my face and starve the little buggers? Am I right in thinking that the fat we consume affects the lipid structure of our skin?

Other questions regarding demodex mites:


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