Added fat = neusea?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 18, 2012 at 2:27 PM

My macro ratios are somewhere near 35/35/30, carbs/fat/protein. I typically eat meat once a day, a few eggs a day, a salad, veggies cooked in fat, Greek yogurt, a couple Peices of fruit, and some nuts/seeds. I usually eat some rice or a sweet potato or something with dinner also.

I have noticed that my body craves fats from meat (especially beef), eggs, butter, and full fat dairy. I also handle cooking veggies in coconut oil well. When I do this, I'll cook a stalk of broccoli in a tablespoon of oil and then mix a few eggs in. If I try to add fat to other things though, like even a tsp of oil in my coffee or any sort of condensed fat in my smoothies or anything, I can't drink it. I get incredibly neuseated and am repulsed by the food. It's almost like my body craves naturally occurring fat but I can't stomach added fats. Any one else experience this? It's not a huge problem but adding some calories when I'm in a hurry would be usefull.



on March 28, 2013
at 02:11 AM

exactly the same thing happened to me the other night after I had quite a lot of fat with dinner.. 2 hours later I felt very nauseas and like I never wanted to eat fat again.



on December 19, 2012
at 05:11 PM

Yes, I have had similar problems.



on December 18, 2012
at 06:46 PM

I've had a similar issue, too. If I eat too much tallow or coconut oil that I haven't matched with enough other food, especially before bed, I am fine for a couple of hours, and then I get extremely nauseated and I throw up. I don't know why, but straight fat is rough on my guts. I never had a problem when I used to do that with butter, though. My solution has been coconut milk. Just keep some in the fridge and take a slug when you want a bit extra and you're on the go. My partner's solution (naturally) is to keep cooked strips of bacon in the fridge and grab those as snacks.

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on December 19, 2012
at 04:38 PM

I can't eat fat on its own. I need to eat it with something. Is that the opposite to you?

I love to cook mushrooms in butter, add eggs and have an omelette. Mushrooms are like a sponge.

I also have an absolute limit on how much fat I can eat and if I try to eat more then I feel nauseous almost instantly. Which is great as it's my body telling me to stop. I don't count macros, calories, anything, so it's great that my body knows.

I do find that a bowl of berries and double cream provides me with enough energy for hours. I couldn't possibly eat it without the berries.

hope this helps



on January 16, 2013
at 07:12 PM

Fat goes down easiest with protein, carbs, or both. This is why cheesecake is a particularly nefarious concoction. Too much fat by itself does cause nausea, though I have also found out that I have an allergy to coconut oil, which can cause nausea even at reasonable doses.

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