90+g fat a day, 110lb girl?

Asked on February 09, 2014
Created February 09, 2014 at 7:43 AM

I don't fully eat "Paleo" but I do advocate high fat in a diet and eat ONLY whole, unprocessed foods. When I do eat grains or legumes, I ALWAYS prepare them in the traditional manner of soaking and sprouting.

I am 16 yo female wanting to gain muscle and loose fat (or at least not gain any). 5' 5.5", around 108-110lbs, 13.8% BF. I want a career in holistic health and fitness and most everything I have read for the past 5 years in nutritional studies/books/blogs, so I do know proper nutrition... I just want other opinions on this, as I am always open to more info and ideas.

I am VERY dedicated to diet and fitness. I train daily (wake up at 445AM on school days), and cook all my meals healthy at home. I LOVE doing this!! I just haven't been seeing the results I want in training yet and am wondering if I need to be eating differently?

I feel bad for eating sometimes because I can EAT! But I know I have to eat to gain muscle.

Here is my training schedual:

M HIIT and Chest

T Back

W Plyo Legs

TH Power yoga

F Shoulders

S Legs

SU HIIT and yoga

I don't count macros really. I keep a diet log but mainly focus on eating whole foods.Here are my eats for the past two days, each logging in around 90-105g fat.

DAY 1:

Post WO: Ahi tuna, pico, almond milk

Lunch: sprouted pinto beans with sprouted quinoa and veggies

TBSP homemade olive oil mayo

Half pan HEALTHY homemade "brownies" made of squash, pumpkin, stevia, coconutflour, flaxseed, walnuts, raisins, 100% dark chocolate.

half frozen banana

Snack: 2 TBSP tahini

3 or so TBSP all fruit no sugar jam

Dinner: 1/3 batch homemade paleo coconut flour flatbread

whole avocado

tbsp. homemade mayo

raw veggies

sea salt

DAY 2:

post workout/early lunch: 3 grilled organic chicken legs, no skin,

saut??ed veggies in coconut oil

Snack: large apple, 3 TBSP tahini

Dinner: salad with olives, veggies, dressing of olive oil and vinegar,

large potato


Snack: Slice paleo bread from day 1,

.5-.75 avocado, veggies,

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