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I am a 52 kg female, 23 years of age measuring 157cm height. So my BMi is perfect!. But my fat percentage isn't. my fat percentage says I'm leaning on obese, but I'm a size 8-10. I began healthy eating 9 months ago at a weight of 57kg as fat was showing up on my face and I realised it had gotten bad. my healthy eating was more trying various diets and upon joining with a personal trainer 6 months ago I Began a 1200 cal diet. From there over the months I tried low carb, low calorie, low fat, and then all three mixed in variations. I'm finally on 1500 calorie, clean and majority raw eating plan. The problem is I've Los weight on my lower arms and legs, but not e ought to justify healthier eating and my exercise routines. The worst is that I look skinny but have rolls of fat between my arm and stomache area, and my body fat percentage shows this, I cover up the fat very well, and I've never been obese, this isn't loose skin, but it is hangy belly fat. I've list a cup in my bra size and my arms an legs are skinny, so everything is looking worse, and 9 months in I've lost almost nothing on my stomache. I'm on my feet at work for 20 hours a week, I do 20 to 50 mins cardio daily, followed by strength training. for cardio info sprint intervals and spin classes. About twice a week I do two sessions of cardio. One morning spin class 50 mins and a twenty min session in the evenings before weight training or circuit training with my trainer. But the fat won't move around the Neely, and it's not those last buts of belly fat, it's actually a lot.


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*PCOS * I've searched it


on April 27, 2013
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Hi thanks for the response. Id been planning on getting some hormone tests done for cortisol spikes etc. never heard of NCOS but uve searched it up and a couple symptoms are present so it'd be a good start too. It's best to know what I want to get tested for when I walk in to a clinic, most of the GPs I've dealt with have laughed at me saying I'm skinny ( they're only looking at my legs and arms) I cover the rest up with well tailored dresses, be nice to wear jeans and tshirts!



on April 26, 2013
at 08:26 PM

1500 calories is really not enough calories for a woman your age with your activity level. Have you ever been tested for PCOS? You should get a hormonal panel done with your doctor to see if you have any hormonal irregularities, this could very well explain why you retain fat in the places where you do. Are you exposed to any significant environmental toxins? Do you use non-stick cooking equipment or plastic storage containers? 6 months of this regimen should have transformed your body.

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