Pre/Post Workout Meals for Sustained Fat Loss?

Answered on January 15, 2014
Created January 15, 2014 at 9:13 AM

I usually have 3-4 eggs cooked in coconut oil, kale saut??ed in grass-fed butter, a small handful of tomatoes and maybe a dollop of guac pre-workout (just a lot of water post). My goal is to get over the fat loss plateau I hit a couple months ago, so I'm thinking that maybe this isn't a good formula. Should I nix a pre-workout meal altogether, and have my grand feast post-workout? Should I modify my meal in any way to help fat-loss? Thanks for all your help and suggestions! :)



on January 15, 2014
at 10:30 AM

just my personal views...

no need to eat pre w/o imo, just w/o fasted.

& no need to rush to get any post w/o nutrition in to you (imo), but eat if you feel hungry (or are about to blackout), no need to let your body get stressed with raised cortisol for too long post w/o. just try & eat within an hour or two.

eating prior to & post some form of athletic competition is another (more complex) story.

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2 Answers



on January 15, 2014
at 04:52 PM

10g BCAA before workout (no meal), carb/protein after workout then balanced meals form there on. The fasted training will help to burn fat and the carb/protein post workout with help to build muscle.


on January 15, 2014
at 01:21 PM

This would be easier if you had provided a guesstimate of you current body fat percentage. If you are above 10% bodyfat (i.e. do not have a clearly visible line bisecting your abdomnals) I personally would recommend eliminating all carbohydrates (besides green vegetables) for about 2 weeks to just reset your metabolism a bit. Also, maintaining a slight caloric deficit.

After that I'd just keep carbs to your post workout meal. A protein shake with something like vitargo/waxy maize mixed in would work at a 1:1 protein/carb ratio. Once you get below 10% BF, you could move this to 1:2 protein/carb ratio. 5-10g of l-glutamine, 100-200mg of r-ala and 5-10g BCAAs would be of benefit too, but none are necessity. (you could also throw in some creatine but I don't use it). Then just keep your other meals meat/fish/green vegetables with a maximum of 1-2 small handfuls of nuts a day.

If you don't want a protein shake and want to go the more "natural" route, that's fine. Then I'd do a lean cut of protein (chicken breasts, whitefish, or leanest cuts grass fed beef/bison you can find) and a source of starchy carbs like sweet potatoes.

As far as pre workout goes, it really depends on the type and duration of activity. If you're training under 1 hour, I'd just go with a protein meal...nix the protein/fat bomb. Just enough to minimize catabolism and to give you a psychological boost so your tummy isn't rumbling during your workout. You could go like 2 whole eggs and piece of salmon or a whey protein shake. BUt I wouldn't go too high fat in a pre workout meal. Maybe a lean cut of bison, 30 grams of nuts, and some spinach. you get the idea. protein takes precedence but a little fat won't kill you. 4 eggs is a bit much if you ask me, especially if you add the guac. Just my opinion and experience.

Hope that helps and sorry for the rambling. Best of luck on your fat loss

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