Paleo for Auto-immunity

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 22, 2012 at 10:25 PM

I have been on Paleo for almost 4 weeks.Im female and about 40lbs overweight and 40yrs old. My bloating is diminished and at first i was so tired but then noticed better energy. I have Fibro and CFS and the fibro is a bit better not eating grains or potatoes but no weight loss. I have been eating green veggies and pumpkin puree or sweet potatoes every now and then when i crave a heavy starch. Every thing in coconut oil. Unfortunately, I thought a limited amount of fruit was allowed and have been eating blueberries with coconut milk and stevia and cacao and an occasional apple or banana! Is this my problem????

ALSO b/c i am on the autoimmune version i cant eat eggs for the BAB. I can tell you i am very sick of steak and chicken every morning. Any suggestions on how to get protein and have some variety? Is bacon permissible with Autoimmunity? Any other suggestions?

Thanks! I really want to lose this weight. I was a healthy eater although I did have grains and before getting really sick no diet or exercise to include weights took off 1 lb. I have done everything! and am so frustrated! Would love your advice!



on March 23, 2012
at 02:12 PM

ur trying to kill 2 birds with one stone. Lose weight and reduce autoimmune symptoms. Do you have confirmed autoimmune conditions? Why ru so concerned about protein? U really don't have to keep a special eye on protein when you're eating meats and fish. If ur sick of it, don't eat meat in the morning.

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on March 23, 2012
at 07:59 AM

It may be worth a try to cut the stevia, fruits and coconut milk for a couple of weeks to see if it helps you. But be patient and just stick with it. Your body has been through a lot and it just needs time.

Breakfast suggestions: there are many protein option other than steak and chicken, try lamb, fish (hundreds of different types; fresh or smoked without bad ingredients), bison, pork, seafood... be creative! And varying the spice, vegetables and cooking methods can also add variety to your breakfast.



on March 24, 2012
at 02:14 AM

I'm also eating Paleo—the autoimmune protocol. I wasn't able to lose weight until I checked calories and realized that I was consuming way too many coconut products. Coconut milk has more calories than half and half! (And, of course, I don't consume dairy.) I started eating a bit less (I still eat a banana every day) and cut my coconut oil, butter, and milk way down, and I'm finally losing weight. That said, my impression from all I've read at this great site it that everyone has to find what foods to eliminate or limit in order to lose weight. It seems to be very individualized. Good luck!


on March 23, 2012
at 01:53 PM

Just keep going with it. I found at the beginning my appetite was HUGE! I felt like I couldn't eat enough and I was constantly hungry. I figured out that I wasn't eating enough protein and I was eating too many nuts. Once I was a couple months into paleo, my appetite was significantly reduced. Then I was able to eat fruit and everything no problem and still lose weight. I think when you're first starting paleo you have so many issues (nutritionally, gut or psychological relationship with food). Often while your body is becoming more nutritionally balanced and your gut is healing, you end up eating too much of one food or another that can hinder weight loss. I went in with the attitude that I would be healthier even if didn't lose any weight, so I would keep doing it, for the rest of my life, just to be healthier. I figured I would eat whatever food was paleo that I craved just to get through the first bit. I did have some stalls at the beginning, but after everything balanced out and I lost all my cravings for carby foods, I can eat a much more balanced diet. After I reached this point the weight loss started being consistent. I've now lost 30 lbs! It will happen, but first focus on your health - the weight loss will happen as a secondary consequence of being healthier.

As for varying your protein, try fish (I love salmon or arctic char) for breakfast! I've had stew for breakfast too.



on March 23, 2012
at 09:06 AM


I didn't find that cutting back on the fruit made any difference to me. I wasn't overweight, but still- women aren't as sensitive to fructose as men, so it may not make a difference in terms of weight. I personally have to cut back on the fat (ie coconut things) and calories, to my dismay. I also have an autoimmune disease, so I feel ya. I'm still in the midst of trying to figure out what works- preliminary testing indicates fasting is quite effective as far as allaying my autoimmune symptoms goes, but I'm still experimenting!


on March 23, 2012
at 08:25 AM

You need to cut down on fruit if you want to lose weight. Especially bananas, which are high carb and calorific. You can reintroduce these foods later.


on March 22, 2012
at 10:59 PM

I know how frustrated you must be (believe me, I know...I'm there, too!) Are you tracking your nutrient intake? For optimal weight loss you probably want to stay below 50g of carbs per day. Between the fruit, green veggies, pumpkin and sweet potato I would guess you may be above that. Also, I know for YEARS I dismissed the idea that I might not be aware of how much I was eating if I didn't keep a food diary. When I started tracking via an iPhone app I was amazed...I think I ate less because I really could SEE what I had eaten for the day.

It may take awhile to see weight loss. But are your clothes fitting differently? Even if you aren't changing in size at all, the fact that you are not bloated and your fibro symptoms are diminished mean you are on the right track. As others have said here, the sicker you were to begin with, the longer it will take to heal and get results. Good luck!

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