Has fat loss helped your cellulite?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 10, 2012 at 2:37 AM

My short term goal is to achieve a BF range of "fair" as I am a few percentages away from that, ranked as "poor." Since I've lost fat, my cellulite has been the same, no more, no less.

When losing another 3-4% at least, I wonder how this will affect cellulite, as I had heard that cellulite is practically there forever, and can only be minimally reduced.

This frustrates me, as though fat loss is for health, I also want to feel good about the way I look, and begin to get disappointed when I think about STILL having it, after all of the hard work.

Have you experienced change with this, or do you have any suggestions?

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2 Answers


on November 10, 2012
at 03:18 AM

I have lost 18 lbs and noticed a reduction in cellulite , I still have some and am hoping that strength training will help tone my legs more. I have always had cellulite in my legs even when I was in my best shape in high school swimming 3 hours , 5 days a week


on February 13, 2013
at 02:33 AM

This is a bit late but... Never had any cellulite at all, gained 10 lbs (some fat, some muscle) and had a bit, gained another 10 lbs of pure fat and had much more, felt super self conscious, back of legs were looking pretty cottage-cheesy.. Lost 10 lbs on Paleo, cellulite disappeared, hopefully never to return. Btw- when I had the cellulite, I found the Buffy Bar (a soap) from a store called Lush to be super helpful in reducing appearance of cellulite. A bit expensive, but all natural and a great exfoliator. Made my legs look much better. And I've never believed the hype about creams and such, my friend convinced me to try it and it really worked. Best of luck! :)

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