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Hi everybody, I have a question regarding the glycogen / glucose release by the liver. So far I have read that once the food is being digested in the stomach, it slowly moves down the small intestine, where it begins to being absorbed, these nutrients are transported directly to the liver for metabolism, and then they start to enter the blood stream.

I hope I have the previous flow correct!

My question is, I know the liver stores glucose as glycogen, and that glycogen can be then converted again to glucose and then released during the day, when insulin is low and glucagon is released.

But, can glucose be released by liver without being first stored in the liver? The liver must have its glycogen stores full to let the glucose flow directly to the blood stream?

My question is because I have spoken with many people, which follow the SAD diet, and do sports regularly, and they always tell me that I have to eat carbs constantly, they call them ???good carbs???, you know, starting from whole bread, oats, granola, then move to rice, potatoes, beans and at night again to milk, rice some veggies, potatoes,, you know, a carb feast, all day. But when I told them that carbs are stored, for further release, so there is no need to be eating carbs all day, am I correct? I mean, most of them are doing sports, not only for health, but for fat loss, look good, etc. So when I tell them that they are chasing their tails, meaning that the more exercise they do, the more carbs the think they need, so fat loss is never going to happen, I tell them to replenish their glycogen stores after working out, and then move to a veggie/meat plan, for the rest of the day, and let insulin take a nap.

Am I right?

By the way, which book can explain this process in detail? Or article. I have Robb Wolf???s Paleo Solution and it covers a lot, but I became more interested in this digestive process, but I am not a scientist, is there an explanation or dummies of what does happens with glucose, fatty acids and aminos during the day?

Thanks a lot for your time.




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anyone? :( -ed

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