Anyone used the 30 Day Shred video by Jillian Michaels?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 12, 2011 at 3:13 PM

Okay, so I must preface this by saying I'm not a huge Jillian Michaels (or Biggest Loser) fan. However, I do own here workout DVD, The 30 Day Shred.

It is basically a 20 minute high-intensity interval program that incorporates strength, cardio, and abs (3,2, and 1 minute each respectively) in circuits.

Do you think a program like this would be beneficial for fat-loss, or would it promote cortisol production? I'm thinking of doing it fasted in the mornings. I would definitely modify it by only doing it three times a week, rather than everyday like she recommends. Any thoughts you have would be extremely helpful! I'd also love to hear if anyone had any personal success with this workout.

Details: Female, 22, trying to lose the last 10-15 lbs, fairly active all day, VLC/LC depending on what's available in my garden :)

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6 Answers


on October 12, 2011
at 03:34 PM

I did it for a while and injured myself. Unless you're already familiar with proper form (I am not), I highly suggest staying away.


on October 12, 2011
at 03:31 PM

I have it and think it's great! Disclaimer: Never made it past week 1 as I decided to try that 100 pushups thing and dang if my hubby didn't put the DVD in some unmarked case among the hundreds we own :( I liked that it is a progressive program and did watch all of it. Harumph. Now I've got to go find that DVD!!


on October 12, 2011
at 03:22 PM

I am a huge fan of her shred workout dvd! Whenever I go full throttle and do her 30 day program I want to simultaneously hug and curse her out. If you are committed, the 30 day shred will definitely help you gain some muscle as well as loose those last few pounds, although you will have to do level 2 or 3. I usually end up alternating between the two.


on October 12, 2011
at 03:49 PM

I did this program for a few months, alternating between the levels about 3 times per week. I think it does promote fatloss. If the routines were any longer they might get too stressful for the body.

As mentioned, you do need to make sure you have proper form. I find some of the lunges particularly uncomfortable for my knees, so I would sometimes swap them for similar exercises during the workout.



on October 14, 2011
at 08:02 AM

Its HIIT training so its good. I used it myself for some time :)

But no amount of exercise is going to do it. Diet is crucial. Do JM becaue its short, aggressive and you feel good.



on October 14, 2011
at 07:57 AM

When I looked up her workout DVDs on Amazon, I noticed several reviews from doctors about her terrible form and how likely her instruction was to cause injury, esp in people who aren't in great shape to start with.

For example:

"After having 3 different existing patients that had rehabbed their old disc injuries show up in my clinic in the past 2 weeks after working out with this DVD, I took a look. After reviewing it, practically every ab exercise flexes the lumbar spine, which studies have shown is one of the quickest ways to herniate a disc. This "old school" sit up and crunch method will give you great abs...at the expense of the discs in the lumbar spine. If you have prior injury there, you should stay away from this. If you want to avoid disc injury, you should stay away from this."

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