6 months in- How am I doing?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 21, 2012 at 1:42 AM

Hello all. I have been doing paleo for 6 months now and feel great. I am 5'2" and have gone from 120 to 110, but lost lots of body fat. In addition my blood work turned up fantastic with my HDL being something like 100. Anyhow, I have sort of hit a plateau. I am trying to tone my stomach and it is stubborn no matter my efforts. I eat paleo as much as I can help it. I do some kind of exercise every day-- usually 3 times a week HIIT, walking, running, or yoga. In addition, I do a 24 hours fast once a week, and eat all of my food in an 8 hour time window every day (SO basically wait 16 hours from my dinner to have my next). I also only eat 2 meals a day. A typical day looks like this: Meal 1: sauteed chicken in olive oil avocado lots of veggies (broccoli, spinach, kale) Meal 2: Salmon lots of veggies (asparagus, cauliflower roasted) 1 large sweet potato *If still hungry, some fruit (berries or honeydew), but trying to avoid.

So my two questions are-- what should I alter to loose the body fat on my tummy and #2: What dictates your "full feeling" because I feel overly-ravenous at times and sometimes feel like that is off.

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on March 21, 2012
at 03:51 PM

Steady the course and maintain. IF/ VLC spun me off into plummeting hormonal state that took me months to recover from. Most of my progress was made in the first 2 month of Paleo (35lbs) the rest of the year was spent trying the whole IF and VLC to get that last little bit of fat off.

Once I hit 9% it was clear my body had hit its set point and I have noticed little or no change in fat percentage unless I trick my body with carb cycling. At this point I find its best to avoid scales ( while in the beginning the scale can be motivating).

Remember you didn't get fat over night, it likely took years, so give your body time. Im gonna eat this way for the rest of my life (even if I never lose another pound), so I say steady the course and settle in.



on March 21, 2012
at 01:57 AM

If you are hungry, eat. Your body is talking at it helps to listen. This isn't being smug, sorry if it sounds that way. Trying to force your body to do something it doesn't want to do is just asking for problems later.

Maybe dial back the IF, Caffeine, HIIT and try upping your level of walking, yoga and weights with decent amounts of rest between sets etc...

The more stress you put on your body the more it wants to hold some fat in reserve.



on March 21, 2012
at 02:07 AM

Just throwing this out there: it seems like you might need a bit more fat. Considercoconut oil over olive there are lots of threads on here that outline the benefits very well.

It doesvseem to me that you are pretty on track over all!

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