What's the best type of activity/workout during a fast?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 25, 2011 at 6:27 AM

When i'm not fasting, I typically do Cardio w/HIIT + weights. While fasting 48 hr +, I'm wondering if its better to just do light cardio (e.g., swimming w/o sprints) or strength training? I'm thinking that my usual workout of both cardio and strength is out of the question but correct me if you think otherwise!

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on March 22, 2012
at 11:54 AM

Doing your normal workout certainly isn't out of the question so long as you don't fall over - which is extremely unlikely in 48 hours if you're fit, hydrated and well adapted, but unless it's near the end of your fast you'll struggle a bit in the recovery. Great for fat loss, less good if your goal is muscle building. Most of the time adding in light cardio is a bonus whether or not you're fasting, but in my opinion it's worth occasionally doing your intense training in different conditions - at different points in and out of fasting. Not only is it more realistic but it gives you a chance of maximising all your energy pathways.


on March 22, 2012
at 11:50 AM

I would steer towards lower intensity stuff that doesn't tap into the glycogen type burst activities... I personally (if working out fasted) will do non-aerobic stuff or low intensity things like walking... even some kettlebell lifts are suitable though obviously a lot of kettlebell work involves bursts



on March 22, 2012
at 11:43 AM

My paleo personal trainer has me do low intensity fasted workouts in the morning. 1 to 1.5 hours with HR at about 120-130 bpm. Fast walking, light cycling. I don't know about you but swimming always gets my heart rate up into the aerobic zone unless I'm just treading water or something. I'm about to do a depleted 1 hour walk right now! Best of luck to you!



on May 25, 2011
at 06:50 AM

Y'know, I bit my tongue when you asked the question about craving sweets... You are 5'5" 100lbs, eating barely over 1000 calories a day, and working out for 2hrs+ daily. I don't think the question is what type of activity you should be doing during your 2-day fasts, but rather What - and more importantly - WHY you are doing this to yourself. These are questions only you can answer.

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