Short term fasting

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 20, 2013 at 2:18 AM

I was on a lot of prescription meds in the past 3 years, including accutane. I have since gotten off all of them, and was thinking about fasting in hopes of reversing any lingering side effects that they might have left, and to rid them of my body. The benefits of intermittent fasting are amazing, especially on the brain and dopamine receptors. My question is would a 3-day water fast be a good thing to do in order to heal my body, particularly the brain?

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4 Answers



on May 20, 2013
at 11:54 AM

I never understand why people think that doing extended fasts of zero nutrition are better than intermittent fasts coupled with increased nutrition.

The "cleanup" benefits of intermittent fasting are already documented elsewhere, but unless someone can correct me, I believe consistent nutrition provides the substrates for better overall metabolism (the sum of chemical processes) aiding in better homoeostasis including detoxification.

And no I am not bashing fasting, I personally eat two meals a day (lunch/dinner) 5 days a week.


on May 20, 2013
at 12:30 PM

Mixing it up with fasting & pushing the boundaries is a great idea and a major part of fasting in my opinion.

People soon adapt to what we call 'IF' and the benefits somewhat plateau once your adapted, like any benefit derived through stress/bouncing back stronger. For example if you lifted the same weight everyday you'd reach a point where you'd struggle to build anymore muscle as you adapt to the weight, the same goes for fasting & its benefits.

There has been research that shows hunger pains during fasting are related to neurogenesis, as a lot of us know an IF routine is soon adapted to & you no longer get those hunger pains.

Recently i've found working out fasted in the morning then fasting for a few hours afterwards helps push the limits, that would be a good idea to try if you don't wanna jump straight into a 3 day water fast.



on May 20, 2013
at 09:53 AM

Personally i prefer the 8/16 hour eating window instead of going a whole days without food. Basically eat all your meals in an 8 hour window (say 12pm-8pm) and that's it, don't eat for 16 hours. If i want to fast for a few days i usually do a juice fast (google vegetable/fruit juicing fast)



on May 20, 2013
at 02:24 AM

i don't think it is necessary if you just want to get healthy. how long have you been following the paleo lifestyle? if you are following it, are you seeing improvement?

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