(Prior) Large Sugar Consumption Effects While Going Paleo

Asked on September 07, 2017
Created September 07, 2017 at 9:02 PM

I went Paleo last year at around March, and it rocked my world. I was 20 then, and I lost 15 pounds and felt amazing everyday. 6 months later, I started dating a handsome Italian dude, (we've since broken up) and I began eating tons of pasta dishes and carbs with him. (I'm a sucker for Italian men and carbs) I'm almost 21 now, and I fell back into the habit of eating sweets, pastas, grains, bread, sodas, you name it. (Breakups and school make me want to eat crap.) I started to feel awful again and I knew what I had to do. This week I have tranisioned to Paleo, and I feel so much better, even though it's just the 4th day back. 

My breakfast, lunch, and dinner consists of eggs, raw and sauteed veggies(of all kinds), some fruit, cashews, turkey, chicken, prok, beef, black coffee, and about 90oz of water a day. No grains, no bread, pasta, candy, soda, treats. No sugar. Nothing. Energy level is up, like 100%, I could jump out of my chair and dance even though I only slept 6 hours. I feel in about two weeks, I won't be as hungry and get back to my prior Paleo state of extreme energy, hot body, and stablized blood sugar, as I ALWAYS get the results I want on this healthly lifestyle.

This is my question and I would love some opinions, advice, and experiences, please, please: 

Is it possible that my prior ridiculous carb and sugar consumption has seriously affected my blood sugar, making me get intense hunger pangs while transitioning back to Paleo? Are these prior behaviors making it harder to stabalize my blood sugar while I transition back?

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