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Answered on August 29, 2013
Created August 29, 2013 at 6:26 AM

My Dr. (a naturalist/endocrinologist) ran my labs, discovered I do not make the chemicals needed for my thyroid to function due to lack of iodine. Placed me on iodine supplements, then said my cholesterol is high, and my cortisol levels are too low as well as my Vit. D. Gave me vitamin D supplement (drops) and a supplement called DSF Herbal to jumpstart my adrenals, tastes like death and barley green and tylenol... I also have insulin resistance so I need to keep blood sugar spikes to a MIN.

Then he tells me to fast until 12 pm every day, but in the mornings to drink, in hot tea or coffee, MCT oil, with creamer if I want, and then to hold off on any carbs until dinner and to only have them 1-2 times a week and not consecutively, even fruit!!! He says he is 100% Paleo and usually just eats nuts and grass fed jerky for lunch everyday. I'm sorry, I just can't eat that everyday. I am so lost as to where to start here, and I LOVE sugar in my coffee, its a waste without it! I need ideas for lunch and dinner as well as if I have to go completely grain and carb free?? What do I eat????

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on August 29, 2013
at 12:22 PM

Can I just say be careful with Iodine supplements unless your Dr did a 24 hour iodine urine output test/challenge you could be taking the wrong thing especially if you are TPO antibody positive...( you really need to find this out).

Just because your Dr take on Paelo is drastic doesn't mean yours has to be it sounds very radical to me ( I'm a healthcare professional 85 % paleo), life doesnt have to be that miserable, seriously.

look up some nice recipies there are plenty out there I love my food and am not feeling hard done by on paleo..

thesaffrongirl.com is really good you will find links to many more with a google search

Personally i don't think the fasting is a good idea especially if your only having coffee or tea (real bad for your adrenals).

I agree with everything the previous poster said



on August 29, 2013
at 11:38 AM

Wait. You don't HAVE TO go on a paleo diet just because your doc told you so. If it doesn't fit you or you can't do it for whatever reason, don't accept that anyone forces you to do it.

Now, if you do want to make a serious commitment to try the paleo diet, there are lots of quite delicious recipes available on the Internet - google paleo recipes, you'll get tons, but basically this is what you will eat : vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, with enough fat (lard, butter, olive oil) so that you don't go hungry. Think rich salads, omelets, stews.

For your daily coffee, you might try stevia, which gives it a sweet taste with no carbs.

But the will to do it must come from you, or it will not work. This is not a 3-month weightloss scheme. It is a long-term health improvement commitment.

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