Fasting/Weight Loss Question- Keto Flu

Asked on October 25, 2017
Created August 15, 2017 at 6:56 PM

I consider myself a mostly paleo-er, but the past couple of months, I have been eating (and drinking!) terribly and really fell off the wagon.  I have done a couple of short fasts, 3 or so days, to reset and I was amazed at how much better I felt.

Well due to all of my gluttony, many of my clothes barely fit and I knew it was time for some serious intervention.  After having pizza and wine Friday night, I felt so puffy and gross on Sat morning I decided then and there to start a fast.  Since I was coming off a carb load, I was starving, and I allowed myself some egg whites and a couple of thin bacon slices to get me going with some protein.  


I usually avoid void the scale, I'm afraid of it.  I Finally mustered up the courage to get on and I was horrified.  My "happy weight" is about 128 (I'm 5'4).  I'll include details below, but basically Im determined to go until the scale says 125 and then go back to strict paleo.  


My my question is- If I have just 3 or 4 lightly salted almonds when I'm feeling like ass (like today when keto flu hit me!), will that mess up weight loss?

Please don't post that fasting is not about weight loss, it's spiritual.  It's totally about weight loss for some people, myself included.

Sat:  egg whites/bacon 9am, then no food since

Sat pm:  stepped on scale and almost died:  144lbs

Sun am:  140.6

Mon am: 138.2

Tues am: 136.4

Also been running/jogging for 30 minutes since Sat doing Intervals.

My husband works offshore and is gone 3 weeks at a time.  I wanted to get down to my goal weight by the day he returns which is Fri Aug 25th in the pm.  

Should I eat a few almonds when I start to feel

like death or will that impact weight loss?


thanks for any help!

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