Fasting & Constipation

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 31, 2011 at 8:44 PM

I fasted for 23 hours but now I'm constipated. This happen to anyone else?

Also, anyone know if any of these foods could contribute to constipation: raw organic cocoa nibs; raw organic macadamia nuts or raw organic almonds (USA almonds so mislabeled raw when really steam steralized)?



on March 15, 2012
at 08:11 PM

Nice. I have yet to try longer than 18-20 hour fasts.



on July 31, 2011
at 09:37 PM

Eat some deluxe mixed nuts and some fruit. That should get things going for you. If not, psyllium husks are great. Don't know if psyllium is paleo or not, nor do I care. This is after all a healthier way of life, not a cult that we've joined... being consipated is certainly not healthy. Oh yeah, almost forgot...drink .66 ounces water per pound of lean body mass EVERY DAY to help prevent this... or just go on body weight. If it's hot and you are outside sweating... have more.

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5 Answers


on July 31, 2011
at 11:27 PM

Nuts are known for causing constipation. If you ate nothing but nuts, then I think it's no brainer.

Btw, constipation doesn't necessarily mean irregularity. If you are not taking a dump because you ate nothing, that's not constipation nor irregularity. It just means there is nothing or little to expel. It's when you actually have to go but can't because of either (1) lack of moisture, (2) rock like pellets, or (3) lack of colonic movement. If you have to strain, have to wait for things to come out, or experience bleeding or discomfort, then it's constipation.


on July 31, 2011
at 10:07 PM

Maybe you just don't have to go because you didn't eat. Are you actually feeling the urge to go and can't or are you flat out not having an urge. If it's the latter, it might not be an issue.



on July 31, 2011
at 11:08 PM

Are you sure you are consitpated? Usually when fasting your digestive system kind of goes on a break. If you are not actually constipated and eager to have a movement, try some coffee... that's about the only thing I know of that can keep you fasting and at the same time "wake-up" your digestive system.

If you are really consipated, you might want to consider stopping the fast (if you haven't already) and eating paleo foods known to help with that kind of thing (do a search).



on July 31, 2011
at 09:45 PM

I find that fasting and breaking a fast is such an individual experience. It is basically impossible to say what's going on with you.

From my own experience, I gotta say, that cocoa nibs and almonds are relatively difficult to digest, compared with well cooked veg, soup or broth.

My go to remedy to get things moving is high doses of vitamin C. at least 2,000 mg.

Good luck finding your way.

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on July 31, 2011
at 09:15 PM

Yesterday I did a 26hr fast (no food except a cup of coffee with a tbsp of half/half and green tea with a tbsp of almond milk, started 4pm Friday and finished 6pm Saturday). When I woke up Saturday morning, drank 2 large glasses of very cold water and hit the head soon after. Broke my fast with BBQ beef brisket, green beans, smoked jalapenos and some cheese grits.

This morning, 2 large glasses of cold water in the morning and about an hour later it was bathroom time. Coconut oil, cocoa, and almond butter for breakfast, an hour long walk with my wife, and a snack of ground beef, hot sauce, and sour cream at 3pm. A couple hours later nature called again.

In summary, zero problems whatsoever.



on March 15, 2012
at 08:11 PM

Nice. I have yet to try longer than 18-20 hour fasts.

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