After dinner hunger and cravings

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 23, 2013 at 6:53 PM

So I have been doing IF for about 8 months now loving the results. I eat 90% paleo, I have celiac as well as lactose intolerance. My eating window is from 1pm to 9pm. I am 23y/o male 5'9 150lb around 8-9% bodyfat. My last meal usually is 1/2 a chicken (with skin) and a veggie stir (olive oil) fry with a salad. This is around 6-7pm. But I find that around 8:30 I begin to get peckish, even though I am not actually hungry. I'll want either nuts (which I try to avoid do to GI issues) or carbs. I stay low to very low carb because I honestly feel like my body runs better off of it. I do how ever engage in competitive boxing training 1.5 hours 6 times a week. But can someone explain this after dinner hunger. I was wondering if it was a insulin influx? I have tried upping the fat, decreasing the veggies all to no avail.



on January 25, 2013
at 01:13 AM

This happens to me all the time. i eat so much stir fry and then am hungry after, even though my stomach is full.

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on January 23, 2013
at 06:58 PM

Decreasing veggies, you crazy lmao? Maybe you need more carbs to replenish your lost glycogen from all the boxing since it is like 9 hours a week of activity, try sweet potatoes, squashes, pumpkin, and high sugar fruits, dates bananas pineapple, etc... see how it goes! Also try eat the carbs after your boxing of course, Mark Sisson reccomends within 1 hour of the activity


on January 24, 2013
at 06:33 PM

I experience the same odd non-hunger-related late-night cravings, and I do IF too. My usual solution is a spoonful of chilled coconut milk (which is essentially coconut cream) and another small helping of raw veggies. I get some fat to satisfy the craving, and some crunch from the veggies. Yum!

Also, it might help to track your calories/macros/micronutrients for a week and see if you're simply not eating enough, or are missing something vital in your diet. It sounds as if you eat the same thing most days, so you might be suffering from a slight deficiency that could be easily remedied if you changed your routine more frequently.


on January 24, 2013
at 04:40 AM

I get that some days, too. I just had two chicken nights in a row and night two, I experienced what I thought was hunger after dinner. I ate about a teaspoon of coconut oil and the feeling stopped. I think I do better on nights when my last meal includes red meat with my veggies. Sometimes I will have a mug of beef broth after a meal, too. That seems to satiate me through the night.


on January 23, 2013
at 07:09 PM

Thanks, the thing is when I tried eating some carbs it actually left me more hungry. I'll up the fats and veggies see if that helps. But if I physically feel full shouldn't I have no reason to want to eat that's what I have been trying to understand. I know it's a complicated thing. My endo has told me that I over produce insulin when I eat so I know that plays somewhat of a role, but my post meal bg levels are in the 80's



on January 23, 2013
at 06:57 PM

Eat more for your last meal...up fat AND veggies, not one or the other. BTW, you should not fry in olive oil due to a low smoke point (use some coconut oil instead).

Also you can try drinking some water or tea. A lot of "hunger" is really just thirst. It's good to wait an hour after eating, but try some water and see if the peckish needs go away.

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