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Answered on April 24, 2017
Created April 22, 2017 at 5:49 PM

I am on the verge of menopause and have hypothyroidism and PCOS. I eat >20 carbs a day from primarily veg, up to an oz of nuts, and >3oz of dairy/day. I've slowly lost 81 lbs. I weigh 239 right now. Although I am consistently in ketosus, my fasting glucose levels remain over 200! WTF?!??  I don't eat low carb garbage, I am careful to limit protein and eat good fats not trans. I eat 12-1500 calories a day. I am so frustrated. 

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on April 24, 2017
at 12:13 PM

@HL221b where did I say I didn't believe what you said or that you're lying?  I'm 100% sure that you're telling the truth.

The problem isn't that.  The problem is that what you're doing is causing you harm.  You believe it's helping you, but it's actually the cause of many of your problems.  Get out of ketosis.  At least occasionally.  And eat at least 50g of protein every morning.  3oz of meat is only about 30g of protein, that's not enough.

Please read my answer carefully again.

Nor did you mention being allergic to starches until now.  By the way, it's impossible to be allergic to actual starch.  You can only be allergic to proteins found in food.  And things like potatoes do contain proteins to which you can be allergic.  You can even buy pure glucose (in the form of dextrose).

But what I'm telling you is that you're over-stressing your body by staying in ketosis, and that in turn is causing catabolism - that is the wasting away of your lean body mass.  Instead of losing fat, you're burning off your lean muscle mass.  Sure, you are losing weight, but weight loss can come from water, fat, muscle, or even having low blood sugar.

When I say you're eating your muscle tissue, I mean just that, not external meat that you eat with your mouth, but rather that your body is starving and is breaking down the muscle tissue all over your body, in your arms, legs, and everywhere else in an attempt to convert it to glucose so that your red blood cells and your brain can stay alive.

You're clearly UNDER eating, and it is affecting your health in a negative way.  You're slowly starving. 


on April 23, 2017
at 04:36 PM

I appreciate you replying. However, you said you do not believe I am doing what I say I am and that is not true. I am doing exactly what I said. If I wasn't I wouldn't be so confused and frustrated. Also I stated, truthfully, that I AM in ketosis so the comment that I am eating muscle and not fat is inaccurate. I am allergic to starch in general and wheat and potato and corn particularly. This is certified physician testing, not me just saying it. Im not "sensative" or a glutin freak-I have actual food allergies. I was hypithyroidic years before I started low carb. It has not made me so. I eat within an hour of getting up, I always eat protein in the morning. Generally 3 eggs or 3-4 oz of meat. Exactly what you recommend. Taking in good faith that I an not lying (and why would I be asking for advice if I was?!?) any other recommendations other that eating way more carbs than my body can eat snd lise weight? Cause I am-slowly-losing weight and if I eat 50+ a day I won't. 



on April 23, 2017
at 04:22 PM

Try starting the day with about 50g of protein within 30mins of waking up.  You should also increase your carb intake to at least 50-100g/day.  

Note that this is 50g of protein, not 50g of meat.  Meat is only about 25% protein (beef) or at most 33% (lean chicken breast) so multiply that by 4 or 3.  A really better measure is a palm sized portion of meat 3x/day.  But the key here is to have a high protein meal almost as soon as you wake up, and to do this every day from now on.

Basically, your body is in a lot of stress, that signals cortisol, which in turns triggers gluconeogenesis, which in turn catabolizes your muscles for protein to create sugar.  Then, since your glucose level is so high, you'll chronically signal insulin to lower your glucose and fail to burn fat since high insulin prevents fat cells from doing anything other than storing fat.

tl;dr you're converting your muscles into fat and are stuck in a loop doing that.  To get out of it, don't fast in the morning, eat a high protein meal, and at night have at least something like 1-2 sweet potatoes.  Staying in ketosis for a long time will cause hypothyroidism.  Ketosis should be cyclical with a refeed or two on the days you work out.  I don't think you're doing this based on what you're writing.

1200-1500 calories per day is also a big problem, you're under eating, which in turn adds more to your stress levels making the whole hamster wheel of breaking down protein and converting it into glucose and then storing it that much worse.  You shouldn't under eat calories by more than just 20%.  I suspect, you're undereating by quite a lot.

Also look into a book called The Adrenal Reset Diet: https://www.amazon.com/Adrenal-Reset-Diet-Strategically-Proteins-ebook/


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