Anyone ever been to Sunflower Farmers Market?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 27, 2011 at 1:44 AM

I stopped by the Sunflower Farmers Market in Modesto CA on my way home form work today and was extremely impressed with the store. It was clean, organized and packed with so many healthy products. Whether your a Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, or still on the old fashioned low fat diet they seemed to have what you needed to make your diet work. I even discovered some stuff I really didn't know existed (What is Coconut Sugar?.) I've never been to a Whole Foods so I couldn't give you a comparison but it was cool. Has anyone been to this store before? I asked the cashier and she stated that they were big in the south but in California there were only two locations (Modesto and Roseville) with 5 more slated (Mountain View, Fresno, San Jose, Folsom, Etc.) I was especially delighted to know that the Central Valley got something before the Bay Area as we never seem to get anything of value. The closest Whole Food is like an hour plus away speeding and Trader Joes is smaller than some of our local quickie marts. So if have been there what do you get?



on September 18, 2012
at 11:00 AM

they have some cool stuff, but I personally like to support my local farms, I think their grass fed meat is shipped from south america. :( I been meaning to call Durham Ranch to check out their exotic meat and how they are cared for and what they eat, they sell exotic meat at sunflower (which is really a sprouts) in the freezer section, there is elk, venison, ostrich etc. I am personally obsessive about the fact that my meat MUST be grass-fed or pastured, and my fish wild caught

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on January 05, 2012
at 07:22 PM

Yes to Sunflower Market, I live near the one in Roseville and shop on the double ad Wednesdays. The produce is great and they have Ahi tuna for only 10.99 a lb, where at whole foods its 20.99 per lb. A couple of weeks ago they had grass fed beef for only 2.97 a lb.


on January 05, 2012
at 07:27 PM

I had asked my Sunflower Market and they stated they have no grass finished fresh meat. I get my favorite grass finished ground beef there though...Springer Hill Ranch. It is in the frozen meat section in those chubbies and for some reason it is so much more delicious than my other farm brand. It's usually about $4.99 a pound here in Colorado.


on October 27, 2011
at 01:44 PM

I love love love SFM - it's my favorite store. Wednesday's is double ad Wednesdays so the week before and the following week is all on sale that day. You can often get veggies and produce for under 99/lb and often they do GF beef for 3.99/lb...

Their nuts/seeds are more expensive than our other whole foods...so I only shop the produce, but love it!!



on October 27, 2011
at 03:28 AM

I utterly love Sunflower Market.



on October 27, 2011
at 03:07 AM

We shop there about every other week--even though the one in Santa Fe is in walking distance of our casita.

We mostly buy toiletries & paper products there. Occasionally chocolate & beer/wine. Good for packaged stuff, IMO.

Our real Farmer's Market & food coop have better meat/produce/cheese/eggs, etc...Sunflower has almost no 100% grass-fed meat and the organic produce is somewhat expensive.


on October 27, 2011
at 02:41 AM

Oh that's great! I live close to roseville and I have been wanting to check out that store! So now I really will! Thanks!!

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