What farm(s) do you buy from around Houston TX?

Commented on October 10, 2014
Created January 14, 2012 at 4:08 AM

I've checked Eatwild.com and bought from A Better Way Beef and enjoyed the order. Got 50lbs of grass fed beef for $3.95/lb. a quarter ground beef, a quarter roasts, a quarter steaks, a quarter assorted cuts including a couple soup bones. They delivered to my door free of charge.

What are your experiences with ordering in/around Houston?


on October 10, 2014
at 10:31 PM

Do you still buy from then?.. if you stopped.. why?


on March 15, 2012
at 09:39 PM

We ordered a quarter calf from the same folks at A Better Way Beef. It was pretty good, but ABWB seems to be low on animals because some of the meat in the order was labeled from Georgia's Texas Beef. We're going to talk to the Georgia's guy at the Highland Village Farmer's Market on Sunday to get some more info.



on January 14, 2012
at 01:44 PM

No answer to add jatx, but will be watching answers. Have bought (Georgia's, Law, Gramen) but not ordered from the Houston area. Just bought an order from US Wellness and can't wait to dig in tonight, but does seem less than ideal to ship from Missouri (although want to note that their service was outstanding). Would love to get regular quality range of products from the local Houston area. I'll watch the thread...

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on February 10, 2012
at 05:01 AM

I have not made any large meat purchases from any farms but I do buy pasture eggs and raw dairy from Gramen. They also sell pasture chickens and grass fed beef. The chickens are raised there at Gramen. The beef is purchased from a nearby Texas ranch.



on March 16, 2014
at 04:38 PM

I buy from Calico Dairy sometimes- they have amazing butter. Delicious dairy all around, their cows look comfortable and happy, and they're really nice people. Gramen, I didn't have such a positive experience with.


on June 02, 2013
at 02:09 PM

YonderWay Farms is the best. Jason and his wife put out a fantastic product and are really great folks. It is worth the drive at least one time to visit them even if you order from them and have it delivered to Houston.



on May 26, 2013
at 12:08 AM

And I 10000% agree with the above. My family is out quite a bit of money and Mike/Laura have cut off communication. I am not sure exactly what it was that we bought...I've purchased various meats from farmer's markets for years and this frankly looked nothing like anything I've had. I've bought a whole side of beef from reputable farms during a huge drought and it was glorious compared to this. BIZARRE and a blatant rip-off. I wish I could get the word out more. We had to throw it all away because it was so disgusting. I ruined so many meals!!! They did not replace after promising to do so.

A Better Way Beef should be investigated. I don't know WHAT they are trying to pass off as grassfed beef.


on April 17, 2013
at 08:22 PM

I agree 100% with Pearl Bird's experience with A Better Way Beef. We spent approximately $2,000 ordering a 1/2 of beef and 75 pounds of pork. The beef was a whitish color with no moisture/blood whatsoever. It tasted horrible. Mike (owner of A Better Way Beef) promised to replace the beef with another carcass and instead replaced some of my meat and took back with him 20 pounds of expensive steaks without replacing it. He has since ignored all of my communication and has not refunded my money for the remaining unreplaced beef. This has gone on for approximately a year since we purchased it.

I strongly advise to not purchase from Mike at A Better Way Beef for (a) lack of quality control on the product he is selling and (b) unethical business practices.


on December 27, 2012
at 11:01 PM

I have been ordering meats from YonderWay Farm for over a year now and am very happy with all their products. They deliver to a lot of areas around Houston.


on May 30, 2012
at 01:21 AM

YonderWay Farms is absolutely my favorite. Jason, the farmer, puts so much care into his animals and their tastes speak for themselves. YonderWay is a farm in Brenham, but it delivers to various spots around Houston and Katy various times a month, just check out their delivery schedule online for dates.


on May 29, 2012
at 11:21 PM

A Better Way Beef, by far, sells the WORST beef I have ever tasted/bought/cooked in my life.

Stringy, grissly, bland, DRY, just AWFUL. We have cooked exclusively with grassfed beef/pork for a few years now and have never had such an experience. We spent $450 with this farm and are not going to eat 85% of what we bought because it is so bad. The cuts are thin and odd and we even had freezer/air damage beef mixed in with our assortment. We've contacted the farm to resolve this and they refuse to help.

PLEASE do not buy this beef!!!


on October 10, 2014
at 10:29 PM

I wish I had seen this before I wasted my money.  I just purchased from them, and now after preparing the 'pork sausage' which was pushed on me, even after I requested they leave the pork off the variety box, I am experiencing severe stomach upset.. .. sick!

.. The cuts did look odd to me, not at all like the grass fed beef I bought at whole foods.. I am afraid I will not like it.  The beef I bought at Whole foods, though expensive, could be cut with a spoon.  ..but a bit too expensive for my pocketbook. 

I am on a fixed income, .. and spent ALL my grocery money on this box... my very first purchase from a 'healthy' 'grass fed farm'..



on April 30, 2012
at 02:10 PM


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