Family of SAD eaters who are anti-health and anti-exercise

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I notice that there are a lot of questions here over the years from people who are the only paleos among families of SAD eaters. I have also noticed that a lot of people suggest making food for your family and sharing what you make, trying to engage them in exercise, etc. I guess this works if your family has some interest in health, but what if they don't, and are actually against being healthy?

Like, literally against attempts to be healthy, whether the lifestyle is paleo or other (as in, flawed, like vegetarianism or low-fat dieting). Like try to keep you from exercising, doctor your food, throw your stuff away without telling you? Or is it mostly guilt trips and labeling, criticizing your weight loss and/or muscle gain? Do you just let them be offended to their (early) graves and muster on, work around it and hide your lifestyle, or do you continue to try to show them the light, or do you dismiss them as insane or jealous and try to ignore everything? If so, how much tension does it cause? How do you deal with sabotage? I mean, especially so when they are not just ignorant, but apparently, against being healthy?

I'm talking about simply living your life, not trying to get your family on board. What practical moves do you do to ensure that you can do what you need to do without interference?



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your question is very confusing/ stream of semi-conscience. What is your question? Are your family members actually pulling the fat out of your bacon? Do they actually fill your food with processed carbs?

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