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Asked on July 18, 2014
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The CIA somewhere but that's the idea you know incursion for an oil change your a yes just came out it's fairly new there is an all or nothing so powerful that he will give a twenty years in Adam what ten years to build great things are going and that'll be help people like going out some two-year-old in Massachusetts delete or that thing apart its always going to change is my point so what this negotiation protocol is there to do is be kind of vary changer I guess that's a horrible way to describe it butt???s essentially a piece by piece act that lets everything in the IP sec be changeable 642-902 think about it this way if I P segue a car this would be the engine other in you can actually change out the whole engine if I P Sacked if you had a four cylinder you could go in slop input in eight-cylinder that's what this HD ESPN ESP plus H is age was the original engine that came out with IP sec the problem is the AH more it???s known as the authentication header couldn't do encryption that was back when I IPSec was just and in if its infancy and so they came outwit ESP its think that like that v6 engine forth eyepiece a protocol not allowed it to you encryption authentication the protection the chance that you see on their yes P plus age came out which allows you to double up on things that's like the v8 engine.

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