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Whole you know having them raise their hand and say yes right Jenny yesses I sensed yes every candidate say yes and then just get this this infact yes thing going on and i think is very nineteen eighties motivational speaker now I'm get why they do that way the reason they do that John is because they want to train the audience to agree with them so then the finding into their sales pitch they're like the landing zone image combined whenever the first set I but I'll be selfless a lesson you toad I'm not have the highest close LipoSkin ratio speakers that are out there but I'm hearings you actually better than another and I think that's a huge difference on and i also think that if you'regetting people to say yes constantly just to get a sale are you really trying to be are you being there for their best interests are you being there for your best interest and I think a lot of trainers are out there right now are training that happens in speakers Jan 01 be and look outdated they ???retrying to produce these nineteen eighties motivational speakers that frankly the world a little more sophisticated man and we don't you now and he said that what happens die-hard I've been known to at raise my hand in the seminar in asking busy yeah I caddish but imam the venture style that???s Koo to make sure that you're asking the questions for the right reasons not simply because you want to get them21 linda Ingle buy something at the end I I???m really happy I for I take issue that because I think that on those are the speakers in our business are giving us a bad name and just like a good plumber gets pissed-off.


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