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Informing for you and I'd like to thank you for viewing I welcome to level 11 setting multilayer switching in this level introduced the routing function endorse which lender will cover the following topics: layer 3interfaces look at pictures which interfaces that can send and receive IP traffic intervene later adding will configure switch to route traffic between the lint using its layer 3 interfaces Cisco Express Forwarding yourself will look at how tell us which is examined for packet sufficiently in hardware it's time to start reading let's get started let's begin by looking back at layer 2 switch concept presented in lacto here the switch axe is an internet Testcore Pro bridge forwarding packets based solely on the Mac address as it runs the switch doesn't actively participate in reading the packets from 170 to another instead package which day within the land where they originate the switch has a presence in the layer to the land by definition but it doesn't join any IP subnet in the land and I'll however we can give the switch the layer 3 presence by creating as witch virtual interface Hornets piano the SPI effectively taps into an I subnet that has carried over a billion here the SPI has an IP address of 192 to168 2.1 notice that the FBI is a member of the same IP subnet as the two pHs in each sits on the same feeling therefore the switch should be able to exchange happy packets with the PCsdirectly in this case this is done or V 92 thespian as a logical interface with the name that represents the view enrichment we can reference it in the.

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