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Know you've practiced on and you have those down and use thoseyeah arm to get a backflip is a way you got to commit to it you know halfway through oh I'm not going to do this I'm just gonna bail out %uh very good friend reminded that it messed up his neck for couple years now see got to commit in the back row is very good example our ball movement like that so yet couple things are back Rollo we get a lot of people saying that they try to back role in the end up falling to one side or the other well there's really you know two reasons that happens then we've actually discussed both I'm already won is that able to come out like I mentioned it it???s Superior Test X basically your hand position is a solid you know any other is that you will turn your head usually it's of your thing and that???s one of the reasons why Ryan recommends he spent some time conditioning your neck before you do it so that you're not fearful love taking strain on your neck mean and you don't turn your head if you if you movie either arm to the site or turn your head yes you're going into rolling over shorter but so that's happening you probably need to work on your hand position and work on getting comfortable taking a little bit love pressure on your neck little bit we???re not saying everyone should go put pressure on their necks alright so dole trawlers I'm youtube.com and say that where encouraging people to do dangerous shit because we're not but you should be able to take a little pressure on your neck you know it supports a lotto weight you know in less you don't have a brain yeah.

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