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And that's connector businesses and the airport in our universities so it???s a real opportunity for us to highlighter businesses I latter educational institute and make that travel available for those who oppose individuals so John let me move to you what's the latest where are we or we are under arm due diligence review by the five construction companies are interested in building the orange line force it'll be a 200 220 million dollar project and we hope to have the evaluation in the selection done byte end of this calendar year if we do that we should roll into terminal A at DFW Airport by 2014 that third leg i three is what we sometimes refer to will go from the new convention center to terminally so scale one to 10 perhaps or whoever you what you want to answer the question how optimistic are you that this process at this point will go smoothly that you will have that decision in place by the end of the year very optimistic I've heard that the contract is he is it told you was may be as high as $220 million we're hearing some very good information that the construction teams or hungry for work and that may come in as low as a hundred and seventy million well so we we're going to save up you know potentially but maybe fifty million dollars and that???s what are the arguments I will continue to urge with the board now's the time to be building bill now bill um the Chamber's involvement in this project talk about that forced a few what with little involved all the way through.

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