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English shown below you may like for example here we'll see that is Jones suitcase and if we see the apostrophe ass refers to a blogged this is the something as if you say that is his sidekicks soul how do we create this staying well normally will just simply at apostrophe ask and then it to score to be followed by a noun or day or purse studies George???s tickets okay that is stop lanes picture chef am I'll a quick brought to learn is that whenever you have now it???s that and with an ass you don't need to add an apostrophe gas use an apostrophe and out basically refers to put such sick a quick sample about this dole's art but Jones tickets apostrophe refers to adopt such I am ok with rule process about it is replace possessive pronouns so if I say data Tim ensues luggage these are possessive nouns right we can replace that with suspect budget if such as stare that???s least fishing pole will replace that fort hats his fish all and DE are the excessive adjectives for I will use mine you it's yours he his she are its we are today it's their up police interrupt me if I'm going too fast with this but I know you've seen this before so I don???t spend too much time on it yes okay to do you guys have any questions which processes obsessive up additives Nokomis the Serb announce lane mode hide it doesn't have any questions about you guys no question of no course ok picture-perfect so let me do the following: here then I'm gonna go ahead and start with up the arc for the cost and let me just got sloppy opened article it will do a little better reading as with dual reading were also I'll try to extract Cavalier from this quick article it so let me share the article with you imp also.

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