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thousand one but already uploaded that back spreadsheet record they were going to take a look at next and then I???ve run the taps tool which is I dialed it first of all I gotten out of registration number then phone comes up on the network i'd I a winter that taps number which is in the null partition or non partition and I dialed the number that I want tube calm that I???ve already inserted and that particular phone then resets with the new information u cm in thebackground uh... basically deletes this record and changes the phone device name record right here must be unique to the database changes it first of all deletes this automatically while the 350-018 phones rebooting it creates on its own a new record uh... or actually it takes the bolted ministration uploaded record for that particular phone and overwrite sit with the new misaddress the one that I just used to call taps the tool for auto bone registration so it's really quite a great tool and infect it's absolutely critical that you use pot ofregistration back untapped if you're rolling out something like fifteen thousand phones or even anything over a hundred phones I think it is about the uh... the breakeven point where little bit of a hassle and worked at it takes to create the spreadsheet or bat and get it validated and uploaded becomes well worth it after about hundred phones before that you might want to create them by hand I personally would use back anything over fifty films take good that so next we're gonna discuss telephony features in you see 'me so we're going to talk about.

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