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Asked on July 22, 2014
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The computer accounts in advance here is so that what side do that if I had already something like redirect computer and I have a very focused destination for I want to put this computer account thereby creating it in advance want Togo to that Vista claims you're to computer enjoyed it to the domain it???s automatically going to connect to this computer object right here in its not going to be dumped into the computers container for example so it's kind of away I've free staging the exact location of Korea what these accounts to go so I almost got to do this by a whiteboard for Sony we're on the tubes have computers but he showed you how we can join 640-554 themto a domain remember this again is something we've done many times in the past you can also join a computer to a domain by right clicking on computer choosing properties having chosen properties you can go here to change settings then it'll just take you to the advanced system properties in all have been try credentials here some not log on as an administrator account in the woods that's been done you cansimply go the computer name tab and click on change and then specify the domain that you wanted to be a membership up normal it's going to be a member of a workgroup but a fault for most cases sold to specify the name the.

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