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Would not you and your partner exactly now one of the big things that you do raise quite a bit of money with your is yourself tootsie rolls yes so and now this is where you have allot of are participants family members who go out there in the cold in the rain out there some boxes up toots rules yes are very dedicated folks and our volunteer for the year the lower stomach she sold about 50 boxes up to two roles Delores gamma yet volunteer the year two large demos all 50 boxes a tour yes so now you're coming up to the homestretch for the tootsie rolls you got you got how many do you have how many boxes of tootsie rolls do you have laughter how Testcore Pro many how many backs we currently have five boxes at Israel's left the that we need to get rid of at and how much is a box a box is 48 out so what am I doing day and today's show is Amine close out their fundraising portion of the tootsie roll because I am going to buy the last box if you're going to see me come over here I'm going to get this I'm going to bring I'mgonna bring a box right here and close it out folks I'm by the last stop it how much am I buying combine fortified by oxide by Isaac 48 hours yes and we thank you for gas I think that should work 14 hours I owe you that it is OK we will take care that but just wanted to take that's our special that are thank you for being here is that we're close outthink you for your fundraiser now you to some other.

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