An afterthought it when we

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An afterthought it when we do our IP address a say Padres for the outside 192 168 1 dot 171 Eva???s anybody with a mask you can the US space at the keyword standby and you can add a secondary or the standby IP address so if we wanted to we could say that these will be the active addresses and if against a choice by us if we want to see the standby dresses are a put him in pink maybe dot 172 maybe .emu and maybe that to you we can choose just some other unused rest that way when this guy is active and this case standby they can still talk to each other because this guy on the outside I'll bemusing doubt 171 and the outside and SA-two will be using one that one that to happen seventy to if that's our stamp address they can Gmax talk to each other and say hi on the inside interface if this guy's using that one in this case using that to you they conduct each other now the failover links also are going to have IP addresses which we should plan for so we're tonnage hence does they may be the 10 that one that one that one network slash 30 and maybe this will make the 10that to you that you that to network lousier their there last 30 and/or an IP address on these failover interfaces well so these failover interfaces they did they never swap it there's if the primaries active and he for some reason has an issue and the secondary has to go active they're going to change IP addresses on everything except for these failings self the secondary unit now going active would use that one here and used out 171 here and if the primary was still running but limping along he knew okay I've got some problems I'm going to go to stand by he.


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