Weren't born with certain kinds

Asked on July 10, 2014
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Weren't born with certain kinds of athletic gifts but in fact I am you know were standouts academically me 10 that we talk a lot about sir Dave I did you had a team the yet well but I mean me not everyone is getting their car to drive to the debate team a we talk a lot about the health benefits up a athletics which i think are very real but in a very competitive I'm public sports environment which to some extent is being put on forth entertainment the community as opposed to necessarily benefit the students what that means is that I all those benefits accrue to students who were on average born with more athletic guess so if you think that high school sports is good for people I think we have to admit that we are be snowing those gifts and all the benefits on people who for a variety of reasons were simply warning what you know more in a better capacity to enjoy them you know mean I'm Missy Franklin just got a cow Missy Franklin six feet tall and in your has arms they're like this one right so she could go to help I'm not sure that that sort of that principle good for her she seems like a wonderful person that article the road is really quite interesting about it but I'm not sure that we got to enshrine as a principle that drives are kind entire educational and true health system we're not saying school I think the cat I think you.

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