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Leach out or take out the nutrient and then replace only nitrogen and phosphorus in one or two other nutrients there's more than that so we don't get the nutrient dense foods that we use to that were grown in the wild and being less nutrient-dense we'regonna get less value from them but conventional growing requires the use of pesticides in herbicides and all kinds of things so you can get that larger yield and do mechanized type farming so if you think you can Metro grown vegetables as saying you back your garden or is organic you still going to probably find some pesticides and herbicides it's in our groundwater it's pretty well spread around Nu Colon Pro its it's hard to get some is going to be completely organic unclean but better the safest thing is probably to grow in your own backyard or find a good to see no hope sustainable farm but it's going to be hard to could say it???s a 100 percent clear from all this stuff you do the best you can to get organic when you can and to at least wash the past the size of big enough for plants grow naturally it's going to grow certain stress chemicals with it is going to respond to its environment and those chemicals we call phytonutrient because we ate the plan we get chemicals in the can induce our body to do good thanks so we want to find nutrients we also want the vitamins and minerals but that's what makes the difference between a on organic plant and one that industrially farm you???re not going to get those stress chemicals because the.

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