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Use once in each you doubt 16 doubt one that 0 size 24 you're not using our design as of yet we may have that that subnet which then applies to you everybody so all the devices on every single switch needs to get an address from that subnet and that leaves us with very limited access control meeting if I wanted her friend this guy winos been causing trouble from accessing this guy it???s not very easy I mean you can use things like back ales which you'll get into if you get into the CCNP Wed which requires a pretty huge understanding of the Gmax

lands in the first place but it's not something that's normal to do now it let me let me get real world on here we???re not usually carry about that we don't usually have a guy were like yeah that guy bob in the corner he hacks our network all the time you know we're not we're not identifying the evil user and saying well let's stop him from accessing this were identifying all our users is evil them in a in a way mean you can't trust your users there they're downloading script kiddies utilities unleashing attacks allthe time on areas have your network so we can???t leave it to just say okay you're a trusted entity so you might want to say okay well I want to I sleep like an might my user communities from my servers and oh love the things thatare out there and at least.


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