Wanna Hack My Eyes?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 12, 2012 at 12:36 PM

Hey cavepeople,

I typically wear bifocals, but I have noticed that as long as I am not trying to read (at any distance) I can pretty much go without my glasses if I need to. If i give my eyes a few minutes, things come more into focus. I read somewhere about naturally strengthening the eyes this way, and that paleo continually helps.

So, fist off, is this true? And oh yeah, is this healthy? I don't want to make my eyes worse.

please hack my eyes!



on January 12, 2012
at 02:01 PM

What's your Rx?

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on January 12, 2012
at 03:48 PM

First, I think it's no big deal if you need glasses--I have tender feet and can only go barefoot indoors so what's the difference? My grandson wears his glasses all the time because he doesn't see well without them.

I only wear my glasses when I drive and other than legally I wouldn't need them for that unless I were lost in a strange area. I've always gone without them unless I feel a need.

It's been a long-running argument with eye care folks, because they put me through an exam and swear I need glasses to read, etc. One lady was so adamant she put a magazine in front of me and said, "Read this then!" I did, with no problem. She said there was no way I should be able to do that, which I found funny.

Now that I'm ancient, I do need help to read extra-fine print but that's all. Overall, my vision has improved from 10 years ago and I can read the small print on ESPN, etc., from across the room.



on January 12, 2012
at 03:22 PM

Yes. Focusing is like using a muscle; do it more often and your eyesight gets stronger. Glasses don't allow us to focus naturally; they are right in front of our eyes.
I would enjoy trying to go with out glasses for a awhile to see how much better my eyesight could get, but life gets in the way. I have noticed, especially on sunny days, that paleo dieting has improved my ability to see without glasses- though I have no idea how much and I still need them to drive, work, and read this sentence (I am about four feet away from the screen and nearsighted).



on January 12, 2012
at 03:55 PM

You can lead quite a nice life without focusing on every detail. Unless you read all day, there isn't that much need for super-sharp vision. Try teaching yourself to read and do things without glasses using task lighting or your hand. It will come in handy when you are older.

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