Bursted blood vessel in eye

Answered on October 21, 2013
Created October 21, 2013 at 7:29 AM

I've had a bursted blood vessel in my eyes several times since I was 35. It first started off as a little red dot and has become progressively worse. The doctor and optometrist said it will heal and not to worry. Part of my eye will be a bloody red and it takes about 2 weeks to heal back to white.

But now my recent blood vessel burst started off as a crescent moon shape on my right eye and on the third day blood has diffused over half the white of my eye. There is also a noticeable darker red raised scar on the bloodied area. So why is this happening? Is it a blood disorder? Vitamin K deficiency? Hormones?

I'm now 51 years old and have had extreme nearsightedness since I was young. I've also had regular nose bleeds when I was young until my 30's. Now the bleeding nose has been recurring the past two years.

I've read that I can get vitamin k from leafy greens but I feel it affects my thyroids.

Tests for my blood and thyroids shows nothing but I feel these tests are generic and not detailed enough.

Doing paleo doesn't seem to make a difference.

Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

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on October 21, 2013
at 02:09 PM

Don't know much about this subject, but I'll ask a question to help answer a question. Do you wear contact lenses?

Can you eat Broccoli? Loads of K.

Opthamologist would be a better choice than optometrist.

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