Ideas for extremely calorie-dense meals for hard-working construction site worker?

Answered on May 25, 2014
Created May 25, 2014 at 9:27 AM

Hey fellow Paleos,

I'm going to start working construction site in the summer. Due to my extreme metabolism I need about 3,000 calories to maintain my bodyweight at 180lbs when even doing nothing.

From my experience I'm going to need about another 2,000 calories when doing construction site work.

Basically I'm going to eat 5 times a day:

at 6am, 9.30 am (work), 12.30 am (work), 4.30 pm (after work, pre-workout) and 8pm (post-workout).

Now I don't really know how to get the calories in with out going broke. And I don't want to look like a weirdo at work (paleo is unknown in my area, my co-workers are close-minded creeps).

What would you suggest? I'm thinking about adding in rice, potatoes, oats and fermented milk products for the work meals and to make it cheaper.

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2 Answers


on May 25, 2014
at 02:54 PM

The most caloric and portable thing I can think of is nuts. Not very cheap though, maybe look at buying them in bulk


on May 25, 2014
at 02:38 PM

I'm a 5'2 145 pound female and never understand people that say they can't get more than 'X' number of calories per day without forcing themselves. When I track, I find that I can really put it away easily! Maybe it's because I eat differently, idk. So hopefully this helps!

If you're working construction, you'll definitely need carbs. Potatoes (all kinds), rice, squash, fruit, etc- eat with every meal. It would probably be easy for you to cook up a ton of potatoes and a pot of rice at the beginning of every week to last you for a bunch of meals.

I'd say go for cheap, fatty cuts of meat like pork shoulder- especially if you have a crock pot. That'll save you a ton of time cooking, too, because you can make it at the beginning of the week and eat it throughout.

Eggs, scrambled with coconut oil and butter and cheese. Bacon.

Dark chocolate bars. Macadamia nuts (costco has deals on huge bags of them). Canned salmon and sardines.

Go for high fat foods, because they're calorically dense. But make sure you're still high carb.

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