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Asked on June 27, 2014
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The trouble he was bates et al get saved another day you know maybe somebody in this room today are some others could be watching this message on I and you're in that category I mean you???re not out now it gets got you know hate got your back to churchillhate the preacher do you W think they've got I mean many have you are here today inland in your not self-righteous you know you're not any better than anybody else and unique guy just like everybody else does you're not in that category but many people find themselves in the third category they simply put it all I just put it all I'm no I'm what I need to Maximum Shred do but I'm just not I hear this all the time rage it does look is really three things that job at me write these three things no more I wanted notices will walk down to this pass a description on I'll just see Paul's preaching you know any way we have a lot of different styles a preaching today really do some people tell you there ???sonly one correct what I'm not one of those guys I believe you open up the Word of God to preach God's Word that is correct we got we got expository preaching that he is you get open a book in the Bible arm go to look Luke chapter embers one and expository preaching will simply say I want to start look more I would prefer live one first one down servers for the Sun next Sun able to pick up in verse and free for members $ down divers now that's great that's great preaching as expository preaching right for the word got to.


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