how i gain fat on thinner face with exercise ?

Answered on June 17, 2019
Created August 18, 2014 at 6:52 AM

i i am 26 years old male and 73 kgs of and 6 feet height and my whole body is very slim apart from this my face is thin and duped cheeks and it looks very week and odd can any body help me

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on August 24, 2014
at 01:25 PM



Today, 15-60 moments right after your exercise routine is the best time and energy to take in carbohydrates, proteins, as well as dietary fat. It is very important to muscle mass recovery, protecting against muscle mass loss, healthful hormone generation, as well as on top of that, weight reduction! If you fail to take on this windowpane connected with chance you will gradual fat burning capacity, increase muscle mass dysfunction, and you will be struggle to thoroughly replenish muscle mass strength on your next exercise routine. Ensure that your proteins is a finish supply like ova, beef, fish, or perhaps soy proteins. Ensure that your sweets come from nature rather than some sort of container. Fresh fruits, fruit and vegetables, as well as portion of oatmeal are usually great possibilities. Ultimately, create healthful extra fat like nuts, seed, ova, as well as organic olive oil intended for general health including healthful hormone generation. Eat ingredients which might be not ready-made and are inside their most basic state. For instance brownish almond bests white-colored almond. Or perhaps 9 feed breads within the packaged white-colored breads. Discover the eating habits that will is effective with all your unique taste buds while everyone is a unique particular person. There is no limit mainly because your merely consuming double per day, your efforts specifications are usually greater due to a two every day instruction standard protocol, as well as when you are usually consuming merely right after workout routines so feeding muscular tissues rather than fat (adipose tissue).


on June 17, 2019
at 11:36 AM

There are many different ways to gain weight in the face:

Exercise cheekbones, forehead and jawline

Lift eyebrows

Stretch eyelids

Squeeze your eyes

Stretch face while holding eyes

A smile which is one of the ways to exercise jawline

Apply pressure while smiling


on April 30, 2019
at 05:19 AM

You have to start consuming a rich amount of carbs and good fatty foods, not a bad one. As above the user, "tomsterling" has mentioned the best image which you should go through the exercise once it will definitely help you.


on August 06, 2018
at 09:53 AM

Simple finger exercise is doing in your mouth is gives the good results. 


on May 31, 2018
at 05:16 AM

The obvious answer is to eat more fatty foods more regularly, and do less exercise. Basically the opposite thing to keeping fit. The only downside to this is you will probably gain weight all over and not just on your face. 


on May 30, 2018
at 05:50 AM

Losing face fats may take some time; there are some things you can do to lose face fats with bloating and diet.

• Drink more water, your body won’t be as prone to bloating and you will begin to lose face fats, or at least the appearance of face fats.

• Add more calcium rich food in your diet; calcium can also helps you to lose face fats. First, foods high in calcium can help you lose body fat, which will help you to lose face fats as well.

• Reduce Salt eating in your food, you need to lose body fat or just face fat; a low sodium diet can help you achieve your goals easily.

• Some Exercise can also help to reduce face facts like reverse mouth open and closes, decline eyebrow raises, Incline eyebrow raises and blinking.

For More Information go through this image :



on July 05, 2016
at 09:02 AM

There are many exercise that can you for thinner fcae. 

1. Fish face.

2. Rollong the neck.

3. Lip pull.

4. Jaw release. 

5. Exercises for Chubby Cheeks.

6. Cheek Lifts, etc. These exercises will help you to get thinner face. 

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on February 08, 2015
at 10:31 AM

I have not heard of gaining fat in the face only. Becoming fat is noticeable on the whole body. I used to have puffy cheeks and I disliked it. I read about face exercises. I tried Facebuilder, by Carole Maggio. With only 5 mn a day, I noticed that my face muscles became less loose. People told me that I had a more toned face.

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