How hard do I have to exercise to need to refill glycogen storage?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 19, 2011 at 8:34 PM

I've been eating pretty low-carb paleo for the past four days or so (less than 35 net carbs, with the exception of yesterday when I found out young coconuts are still mostly sugar. I'm at 6 net carbs today after lunch). Yesterday and today I went out for a short run, maybe 1.5 miles each time. Because I'm eating such little carbohydrate, should I be concerned about my muscle glycogen levels? I'm trying to lose the flabby belly I've had since I went paleo over 1.5 years ago, but my well-being is more important. Should I lay off the exercise, up my carb intake, or not worry about it? What sort of symptoms should I keep an eye out for?

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3 Answers



on May 20, 2011
at 02:04 AM

experiment and you will know.


on May 20, 2011
at 01:49 AM

If you feel OK, then don't worry about it. Inuit didn't need to eat carbs after working hard hunting a whale, and neither do you.

If you start having problems with exercise, that's your body telling you to change something.


on May 19, 2011
at 10:58 PM


I just read this yesterday and thought maybe it could help. I think it depends on hiw hard you run. Walking maybe a better option as it burns fat not glycogen.

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