Gamification and paleo?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 17, 2012 at 4:33 AM

I'm (hopefully) starting a masters in social/consumer psych program soon and am looking to do research into gamification and its intersection with goal setting in the health/wellness arena.

As I was writing my statement of purpose and considering different things that gamification could do, it occurred to me that my fellow cavepeople might appreciate some sort of app or webite, similar to fitocracy, that might be able to turn our strange cavemen activities into a sort of game.

Some potential ideas I was kicking around that go above and beyond points/quests/challenges for eating a paleo (or paleo-esque) diet:

-You ate some offal? 10 points to Gryffindor! -Sprinted up a hill and then climbed a tree? 10 points for movnat -Got some Vitamin D in the form of actual sunlight? 10 points for looking cool -Turned off your TV for the night and played a board game with the family? -10 points for your tribal activites

Would folks be interested in something like this? Would people want an app where they could track these kinds of things, and compare/compete/socialize with other people also engaged in similar activities? What activities would people want to see available, if any?

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3 Answers



on March 17, 2012
at 04:43 AM

I would be interested in that, and I would in fact like to contribute, as I'm a bit hard-core Paleo/Primal in terms of "weird" foods that I believe that should be consumed more (e.g. sea veggies, offal etc). I also have some PHP knowledge...



on March 19, 2012
at 01:31 AM

I would certainly welcome help, as I'm not really a programmer myself (made java animations years ago for a class, but that's about it).

What are some other things you guys would be interested in seeing for such an app?



on March 18, 2012
at 02:04 PM

YES! Sooo many times YES. DO THIS! Do this now!

I've been fascinated by gamification ever since I first learned about it (about 6 months ago). If you make this, I'm first in line!

Need some graphics or a mock-up logo? I freelance!

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