Does shoulder surgery create problems in future?

Answered on August 06, 2018
Created September 11, 2016 at 12:27 PM

Well, I am 25 yrs old healthy software engineer by profession but basketball player at heart. I have been playing more regularly since the last four years. 

I had two subluxations (august'14 & april'16) while playing basketball. the first episode tore my labrum and the second gave me hill-sach's lesion. Also, I have hyperlaxity to both the shoulders. and a minute glenoid boneloss.

My doctor has advised me to go for open latarjet(bone block) surgery IF I WANT TO GO BACK TO SPORTS. Arthroscopic Bankart Repair would ultimately fail sooner or later due to hyperlaxity. 

The major fear/worry in my mind is will a surgery cause more problems in future? Should I go for it? Because I do not have subluxations while any other activity expect overhead basketball action.

After my first subluxation, I recoverd my strength very well with rehab and strength training. I was extremely fit and was playing everyday with a shoulder support and proper discipline of warmup. 

I have two options:

1. If I do not opt surgery: I have to stop basketball forever and take uptmost precautions to avoid overhead activites in my lifestyle. This makes me think it is difficult to do considering I am just 25. I do not want any limitations to come in my mind when I think of gym or lifting any heavy objects. If I do and it dislocates, I may have glenoid bone loss and ultimately go for open latarjet surgery maybe in another five years.

2. If I opt open surgery: I can play everyday without any worry. I can do all the activities. BUT I fear the following: If I have complications and pain through out my life? If surgery is the beginning of many problems in furutre? Should I stop playing completely? If I hurt my shuolder again accidentally other than sports? If I develope other problems in the joint what would be the solution? because latarjet is a bone graft and if it is damaged I would have no option to correct it.

My mind is messed up. I just dont want to limit myself for activities which I can do at my age now. I cannot live with that fear through out and cannot play even once without fear of dislocating. Please help me!!

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2 Answers


on August 06, 2018
at 10:03 AM

IF you want to do the heavy exercise, and then it will make some problem. So try to speak with the health expert and doctor.


on September 26, 2016
at 10:07 PM

I could ask my sports physio if you want. I only see him in 2 weeks' time though.

Is there a way you can 'strap' your shoulder (like K tape for ankles/wrists) while playing sports? You seem to me a bit young to have surgery, especially as you are not a professional basket ball player.

i have a slipped disc which caused me episodes of sciatica in the past. I had conflicting advice from various people, both laymen and medical professionals. Most laymen recommended surgery. i stopped the drugs within 1 and 2 weeks respectively as I could not stand the side effects and after months of struggling, hired a private physio. One of the best investments I've made in my life. I am back pain free, not very flexible, but I can do sports again. Physio can also deal with any other musculo skeletal/nerve/joint issue I have, a real bonus as I am starting to be quite an old lady!

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