Can't tune in my diet with a lot of exericse - hack my two week "reset"

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 26, 2012 at 6:52 AM

I've been trying to hone in my diet based on three goals: 1) Optimum physical and mental performance 2) Metabolic flexibility/ability to perform without eating frequently and/or obsession about macros 3) Lose a bit of weight.

I've also been very active over the summer and as such, have found myself struggling. I've been trying to reduce my carbs as I find that low-carb works well for me for weight loss and metabolic flexibility, but it's caused me moments of critical failure.

I have a very active job and most of my recreation is hiking, biking, yoga, etc. Too few carbs leads to crashing at work or in my workouts. My level of activity also makes it hard for me to control my appetite and consistently stick to my goals.

Now I have an opportunity to kind of reset. I'm taking two weeks off from work and going back to my hometown, where I can comfortably be a bit more sedentary as that's more in tune with the lifestyle there.

So I'm wondering - what's the best way to approach this two weeks to help me towards my dietary goals? I'm thinking that maintaining a low-carb diet, and doing fasted, low intensity activities like walking will help my metabolic flexibility.

Thoughts on this?

I should probably mention that I'm going to be starting a tough crossfit regimen on my return, and I'd also like some opinions about how to transition into that if I do stick to the plan laid out above.



on October 26, 2012
at 03:05 PM

Not a lot of weight. 5-10 lbs. I work in catering. By comparison to warehouse work I shouldn't have said my job is "very" active but definitely on my feet all day, usually 8-12 hours a day, have to be mentally sharp in addition to lots of random lifting, running around, going up and down stairs, loading and unloading cars and fridges, etc.



on October 26, 2012
at 01:26 PM

how much weight are you trying to lose? And what kind of physical activity do you do at your work? (i.e. warehouse style lifting, day care provider always on your feet, or professional marathon runner?)

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on October 26, 2012
at 03:12 PM

What you're describing sounds like deadloading, which might exactly fit your needs. Coincidentally, Marks Daily Apple did a post a couple of days ago about How to Deadload.

I don't know about two whole weeks "off," but that's just me...



on October 26, 2012
at 03:52 PM

Use the two weeks to start some new activities. You are obviously doing a lot of endurance activities, have you thought about weight lifting? shaking up your routine a bit?

It might be a nice alternative.

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