Can exercise make one sensitive to tyramines/histamines?

Answered on March 14, 2014
Created February 14, 2013 at 8:24 PM

So, I started working out a few months before the New Year. I have various aches and pains, and thought that working out might help. So far at least, all that going to the doctor has managed to do is return nice labs, and make me do constant rounds of phone calls with insurance, and creditors to prove the bills were paid. So, when a friend of mine suggested I might need vassopressin, instead of going to the doc for another round I googled a bit and found out yohimbine seems to encourage vasopressin release. I read up on yohimbine and I found out it was an MAO inhibitor and you are supposed to avoid tyramines while you are on MAO-Is. I looked at the low tyramine diet and found I had already migrated, in many cases, to low tyramine food (and it seems low histamine too).

I had already become somewhat adverse to alcohol and red meat. Red meat seems to make me nauseated now- though upon reading low tyramine diet I am thinking it is due to the fact I used to cook a roast and keep it in the fridge. It is already aged before it gets to me, and then leaving it in the fridge like that allows even more tyramines to form. I love red wine, but now it doesn't seem worth it. Maybe I could get away with 4-8oz, but it is too easy to misjudge and wake up at 2am. And that was before starting the yohimbine, so I doubt I can handle any now.

I had already started eating a lot of frozen fish. I was also taking a cup of canned pumpkin and making that with some butter and cinnamon. Then I read this low tyramine diet stuff and find it synced well with the changes I had already made.

What gives? The only big difference in the last few months is the decision to work out. I sometimes do feel a little sick after working out, and when I was a teen, I remember having some serious nausea at a gym, which pretty much shut down my attempts at working out back then. Now, I will just shorten the workout if I feel bad and keep at it. Has the exercise made me more sensitive?

I noticed Kressler talking about histamine intolerance in his latest podcast, but his answer to that was the wrong sort of gut bacteria. Possible, but annoying, because I have been paleo for years. Am I not supposed to be well by now, especially with regard to the gut?

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Hopefully someone might answer this for you, I am interested!

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