How to train for a trialthon the paleo/primal way

Answered on January 26, 2014
Created January 25, 2014 at 5:35 PM

Hi I'm just starting this way of life and have no problems with the nutritional aspect having t=completed a marathon basically on no carbs. Just intrigued by this training regime which appears to encourage not wasting energy in over training and lifting weights. I am a a member of a triathlon club and love to complete in sprint triathlons - mostly a social thing but I do feel a sense of achievement. I have tried looking up a plan as recommended by paleo follows of training but can't seem to understand how to follow paleo and swim 3 times a week, bike 100km's a week and maybe a short easy run. I'm not looking for speed or anything but surely there is a way to train and not undo any of the good or fail to achieve lean body mass

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on January 26, 2014
at 04:05 PM

I think the biggest problem in this community is we get too caught up in the term "paleo". Is "x" paleo, is "y" paleo? I think the real question should be, "Do you enjoy the training or does it cause you unwanted stress?" If you aren't enjoying it and it is wrecking other aspects of your life then it clearly isn't right for you. But if you enjoy going out on long bike rides, running, swimming then by all means get out there and do it. If you aren't recovering from workouts and your sleep is getting shitty then you need to consult your food/training logs and assess where the downfalls are. For me, triathlon was fun but it was just overly complicating life. I weeded out the complicated parts and boiled it down to running. Running is simple. It doesn't require a gym membership, fancy clothing, or expensive equipment. Shoes, shorts, and nature. So I guess to make a long reply even longer it boils down to this: Is endurance training paleo? Who knows. Is wondering about if something is paleo or not, paleo in of itself? No. Get out there and enjoy life. If you aren't enjoying it, then question why you are doing it in the first place.


on January 26, 2014
at 07:52 AM

anks for your reply but I suppose the diet is not the problem - the question is the training. To train for a trialthlon its all long workouts and pushing yourself to death really - just wondering was there another way as this doesn't seem very paleo. I am going to try and finding something like HIIT anyway that I'm hearing so much about but just wondered was there anything that anyone had found ie a training plan that incorporated paleo exercise prinicipals.

However, I am a beginner at paleo and kind of confused by the exercise plans. It seems it should only take a 20 mins or so 3 times a week at most but where do I find a plan - I'm not a member of a gym. Ideally I'd like to do this at home but I just don't know where to start so any advice appreciated. I went onto Sprint 8 website but there doesn't seem to be much on it and I'm now going to look at MIT xTreme Workout before looking at the Tabata Protocol. My 21 day paleo plan starts tomorrow and I want to make a really good stab at it

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on January 25, 2014
at 06:20 PM

Don't be afraid of paleo friendly carbs pre and post workout. Outside of the pre and post workout, just eat whatever version of paleo you've been eating. I've been paleo for years and have been running even longer. I've done 5k's through 50 mile ultra marathons all while paleo.

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